He's Too Sexy for His Fat

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"He's Too Sexy for His Fat"
Family Guy episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 17
Directed byGlen Hill
Written byChris Sheridan
Production code2ACX10
Original air dateJune 27, 2000
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"There's Something About Paulie"
Next →
"E. Peterbus Unum"
Family Guy (season 2)
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"He's Too Sexy for His Fat" is the 17th episode from the second season of the FOX animated series Family Guy. It is the 24th episode of Family Guy. Jay Mohr guest stars in the episode.


When Brian catches fleas, the house becomes infested. The exterminators come, armed with military weaponry rather than conventional extermination equipment, and shoot up the house, while hunting the fleas. Brian puts the family up in a fancy hotel while the house is closed for repair and renovation. Peter makes a cannonball in the swimming pool, and Brian knocks Stewie in the pool when he refuses to get in. Chris becomes self-conscious about his weight when the staff and guests make fun of him. He starts a diet and exercise regime, but it fails to yield results.

Lois makes the family meatloaf, but Chris gets a steamed vegetable plate since he is trying to go on a diet. Chris denies the meal, but Lois tells him that vegetables are good for him. Peter takes him to the gym so he can get some exercise. He finds a plunger with a Twinkie attached to it. Chris walks on the treadmill and runs outside and tries to get the Twinkie, and eventually he catches the Twinkie. After a visit to Cleveland's brother Broderick to discuss liposuction, Chris decides against it, but Peter surprises his family by taking advantage of the option himself, and comes home thin.

Meanwhile, Stewie takes advantage of Chris' hard time with his diet. He attempts to spite him via eating an overabundance of the fatty food that Chris has been trying to avoid. He eventually takes it too far and he suffers from childhood obesity. He seems to suffer from an eating disorder as well, eating as much as possible. When his weight gain begins to show, Lois notes this, saying he is "getting a little Buddha belly". He eventually becomes immobile, and must be either carried, or ride on a wagon. It seems at this point, Lois ignores Stewie's gaining, for she seems to show no concern anymore. Because of this, Stewie becomes too heavy for his high chair to support him, and he crushes it and is unable to get up, so Brian takes the liberty of having fun by spinning him around, since his hands and feet cannot reach the floor. It is not long before Stewie cannot fit into his clothes anymore, or reach his face with his arms. (Incidentally, this plot line is never resolved; he is back to normal for the final scene, with no explanation.)

After Lois reprimands Peter for his behavior, he completely misunderstands and then gets further improvements, like becoming muscular and getting a new buttocks because Peter claims "[his] old one had a crack in it." This makes Lois much more attracted to him, even though she is conflicted with her objection to Peter's actions, and also gets him invited to the Quahog Beautiful People's Club. Chris, however, is not considered a "beautiful person" and has to wait outside, and Lois is furious that Peter would not do anything for him.

After an argument with Lois, Peter goes for a drive but cannot stop admiring his own reflection in the rear view mirror, and ends up crashing his car and falling into a vat at a lard factory, where he consumes so much before escaping that his body is back to its old shape. Surprised that they stood by him despite his behavior, Peter apologizes to his family, especially Chris. Lois asks him if he has learned a valuable lesson from his experience, but he replies with "nope," promptly ending the episode.


In his 2009 review, Ahsan Haque of IGN, rating the episode a 9/10, called the episode a "memorable classic" with a storyline that has "no redeeming moral value whatsoever" and "preaches all the wrong things, but does it in such a tongue in cheek manner that hopefully most of the show's audience is intelligent enough to realize it."[1]


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