He Has Nothing But Kung Fu

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He Has Nothing But Kung Fu (Chinese: 功夫小子) is a 1977 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lau Kar-wing, starring Gordon Liu and Wong Yue.


Yung Wang Yu stars as Sha Shan, a crafty con-artist who uses his wiles to trick money out of the unsuspecting public while also avoiding those he enrages. One particular escapade sees him make a fool out of a local gang member who also loses a considerable amount of money in the process. Unfortunately this sets into motion a series of events which sees the shamed victim sending his vicious gang out to exact revenge and the wiley young trickster with no option but to run away. During these events, he also meets a dazed amnesiac (Liu Chia Hui) he proves himself to be a formidable fighter shortly afterwards and helps his new friend out in a few close escapes from the antagonists. The mystery man - who is actually Ka Yuen, the missing son of a wealthy Admiral - uses his exceptional fighting prowess for good, defeating the oppressive enemies while also dragging the hapless Sha Shan along on a mission to rob the evil to give to the poor.



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