He Yong (Han dynasty)

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He Yong
Chief Clerk (長史)
In office
c. 189 (c. 189) – ? (?)
Monarch Emperor Xian of Han
Chancellor Dong Zhuo
Beijun Zhonghou (北軍中侯)
In office
? (?) – ? (?)
Monarch Emperor Ling of Han
Personal details
Born Unknown
Zaoyang, Hubei
Died Unknown
Occupation Official, scholar
Courtesy name Boqiu (伯求)

He Yong (fl. 166–189), courtesy name Boqiu, was an official and scholar who lived in the Eastern Han dynasty of China. He was one of the partisans involved in the Disasters of Partisan Prohibitions incidents in 166 and 169. He was born in Nanyang, but later received his education in Luoyang.