He Zhi

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He Zhi
Minister over the Masses (司徒)
In office
September or October 279 (September or October 279) – 280 (280)
Monarch Sun Hao
Preceded by Dong Chao
Personal details
Born Unknown
Jurong, Jiangsu
Died Unknown
  • He Hong (brother)
  • He Jiang (brother)
  • Lady He (sister)
Father He Sui
Occupation Official
Courtesy name Yuangan (元干)

He Zhi (fl. 264–280), courtesy name Yuangan, was an official of the state of Eastern Wu in the late Three Kingdoms period (220–280) of China. He was a younger brother of Lady He, who married Sun He, a son and former heir apparent of the first Wu emperor Sun Quan. In 264, Sun He and Lady He's son, Sun Hao, ascended the throne as the fourth and last emperor of Wu. He Zhi, as a maternal uncle of the reigning emperor, rose to a more prominent position in the Wu government. In 279, Sun Hao appointed He Zhi as Minister over the Masses when Guo Ma (郭馬) started a rebellion in Wu, and ordered his maternal uncle and others to lead troops to suppress the revolt. In the following year, the Jin dynasty conquered Wu, after which Sun Hao surrendered. It is not known what happened to He Zhi after the fall of Wu.

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