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Note: In this article, to differentiate between "He" (reference to males) and the Chinese surname "Hé" (何), the latter will be used when referring to He Zhuoyan.
He Zhuoyan
He Zhuoyan at a Huayi Brothers party in 2009
Background information
Chinese name 何琢言
Pinyin Hé Zhuóyán (Mandarin)
Jyutping Ho4 Doek3-jin4 (Cantonese)
Born (1988-11-26) 26 November 1988 (age 28)
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Occupation Actress, singer
Label(s) Huayi Brothers
Years active 2005–present
Ancestry Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Website http://www.hzy520.com/

He Zhuoyan (born 26 November 1988) is a Chinese actress and singer. She was one of the top ten finalists of the 2005 Hangzhou Super Girl singing contest.[1] In 2006, She emerged as champion of the Zhang Jizhong category of the Chinese Yahoo Three Directors Star Search programme.[1] She signed on with the talent agency Huayi Brothers in the same year and acted in a number of period and wuxia-themed television series produced by Zhang Jizhong.[1] In 2007, She became the youngest person to obtain an award in the Forbes China Celebrity 100, winning the Celebrity with the Most Potential Award at the age of 18.[2]


She was educated at the Hangzhou Arts School. She started her career by participating in the Hangzhou Super Girl singing contest in 2005, winning the sixth position among the top ten finalists.[1] The following year, she participated in the Chinese Yahoo Three Directors Star Search programme (雅虎三大导演搜星) and emerged as champion of the Zhang Jizhong category.[1] She signed on with the talent agency Huayi Brothers and started acting in period and wuxia-themed television series produced by Zhang Jizhong. She is best known for her role as one of Wei Xiaobao's seven wives, Shuang'er, in Royal Tramp, a 2008 television series based on Louis Cha's novel The Deer and the Cauldron.[1] She has also attained recognition for her role as Wang Yanyu in Paladins in Troubled Times, an adaptation of Liang Yusheng's novel Datang Youxia Zhuan, and as Moli in Bing Sheng, a television series featuring a fictionalised life story of the ancient Chinese militarist Sun Tzu.[1] She has also served as a spokeswoman and endorser for cosmetic and shampoo product brands, as well as appearing in the Chinese Yahoo television commercial Qianshi Jinsheng Pian (前世今生篇) together with Huang Xiaoming, her co-star in Royal Tramp.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
2010 Hot Summer Days
Xiaoli guest star
2014 Fiji Love


Year Title Role Notes
2008 Royal Tramp
2008 Paladins in Troubled Times
Wang Yanyu
2008 Bing Sheng
Guo Moli
2009 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
2009 Nonstop
He Zhuoyan
2010 Salvation Woman Soldier Hui Situ
Situ Hui
2011 Journey to the West
Albino rat
2012 Xing Ming Shi Ye
Xia Fengyi
2013 Journey of the Fortune God
Orchid Fairy

Stage performances[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Shouwang Mengxiang
Female lead performed at the Red Star Theatre inside the Redstar Culture Hotel in Hangzhou
2012 Mancheng Quanshi Jinzita
performed at the Zhejiang Mass Art Theatre in Hangzhou


Performances in Super Girl competition
Song title Chinese title Original artist
羽毛 Cyndi Wang
Dang Ni
(When You)
当你 Cyndi Wang
Ai Ni
(Love You)
爱你 Cyndi Wang
Aiqing Jiayou
(Cheer on for Love)
爱情加油 Cyndi Wang
Tian Heihei
(Dark Sky)
天黑黑 Stefanie Sun
遇见 Stefanie Sun
Lü Guang
(Green Light)
绿光 Stefanie Sun
欧若拉 Angela Chang
Shouxin De Taiyang
(The Sun in My Palm)
手心的太阳 Angela Chang
Remember S.H.E
Meili Xin Shijie
(Beautiful New World)
美丽新世界 S.H.E
Yes I Love You S.H.E
Huizhe Chibang De Nühai
(The Girl Flapping Her Wings)
挥着翅膀的女孩 Joey Yung
Ni Yao De Ai
(The Love You Want)
你要的爱 Penny Tai
Xiang Jia
想家 Genie Chuo
Qi Shi Jing Shen
(Spirit of the Knight)
骑士精神 Jolin Tsai
Jia Sudu
(Increase Speed)
加速度 Huo Ying
小叮当 Mavis Fan
Fenshou Kuaile
(Happy Separation)
分手快乐 Fish Leong
Duoxie Shilian
(Thank You for Breaking Up)
多谢失恋 Twins
Singles and others
Year Song title Chinese title Notes
2005 Daoshu Sanmiao Shuo Aini
(Countdown Three Seconds, Say I Love You)
倒数三秒说爱你 original
2007 Guangrong
光荣 performed with BoBo


List of awards and nominations
Year Award Notes
2007 Celebrity with the Most Potential Award, Forbes China Celebrity 100
2008 Best Couple on TV Award, SINA TV Awards
Won together with co-stars Huang Xiaoming, Cherrie Ying, Shu Chang, Hu Ke, Liu Zi, Liu Yun and Li Fei in Royal Tramp
Most Popular Newcomer Award, Juwu Haixi Niuxing Tianxia

Advertisements and endorsements[edit]

  • Yahoo: Qianshi Jinsheng Pian (雅虎广告《前世今生篇》 (2006) - appeared together with Huang Xiaoming
  • MININURSE: Skin products "小护士"护肤品 (2006)
  • OSALI: Shampoo ("欧莎丽"洗发水) (2006)


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