Head Case (film)

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Head Case
Head Case FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Anthony Spadaccini
Produced by Anthony Spadaccini
Benjamin P. Ablao, Jr.
Written by Anthony Spadaccini
Starring Paul McCloskey
Barbara Lessin
Brinke Stevens
Bruce De Santis
Emily Spiegel
Michael J. Panichelli, Jr.
Music by Gerard Satamian
Distributed by Fleet Street Films
B.P.A. Productions Group, Inc.
Brain Damage Films
Release date
Newark Film Festival
September 8, 2007 (2007-09-08)
Running time
101 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $5,000

Head Case is a 2007 pseudo-documentary film (cinéma vérité) horror film written and directed by Anthony Spadaccini.

The film is presented as a collection of home movies from serial killers Wayne and Andrea Montgomery, middle-class suburban residents of Claymont, Delaware who film their sadistic crimes.


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