Head of David

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Head of David
Origin United Kingdom
Years active 1986–1991
Labels Blast First
Associated acts Greymachine

Head of David was a British heavy metal band of the late 1980s that featured vocalist Stephen R. Burroughs and ex-Napalm Death member Justin Broadrick (later of Godflesh and Jesu). The band's sound paved way to various music genres, including industrial metal, grindcore and noise rock.[1]

The original 1986 line-up reunited in 2009, and were due to play the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, England in 2010. In an interview with Rock-A-Rolla magazine in 2009, Stephen R. Burroughs stated that "The back catalogue should be reissued this year [2009]. As for recording new stuff, it's now become apparent that we would all like to record something."


  • Fear Factory covered the Head of David song "Dog Day Sunrise" on their album Demanufacture.
  • The CD version of LP was titled CD.
  • The Saveana Mix of "Bugged", along with a live version of "Snake Domain" appeared on the Blast First compilation entitled Nothing Short of Total War.
  • A live version of the song "Roadkill" appeared on a 7" compilation which was included inside the second edition of Sounds Magazine.

Band members[edit]

  • Stephen R. Burroughs - Vocals
  • Eric Jurenovski - Guitars
  • Bipin Kumar - Bass/backing vocals (1989 until disbanding)
  • Dave Cochrane - Bass (1986–1989)
  • Paul Sharp - Drums (1986–1987)
  • Justin Broadrick - Drums (1987–1989)


Released Title Label UK Indie Chart Position Additional information
Sep 1986 Dogbreath EP
Oct 1986 LP Blast First 3 Side A "Dogbreath" / Side B "Godbreath"
July 1987 The Shit Hits the Fan 21[citation needed] live at the I.C.A., London
March 1988 Dustbowl Blast First album; Side A "Rays" / Side B "Shadows"
February 1989 The Saveana Mixes EP recorded 1987
White Elephant John Peel sessions 23 Sep 1986 & 7 Jul 1987
January 1991 Seed State Blast First
March 1991 Soul Spark EP Blast First 10"


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