Head of state succession

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Head of state succession is the process by which nations transfer leadership of their highest office from one person to another. The succession of a head of state can be brought about through various means, the most common of which include:

Dramatic portrayals[edit]

The changing of national leadership has been the topic of several films, novels, and television series, including the following:


  1. ^ Jeffrey, Mark (2008-09-02). "Sarah Palin: Laura Roslin?". The Huffington Post. Retrieved 2009-01-25. The constitutional line of presidential succession ends up falling to the still-living Secretary of Education -- Laura Roslin -- who is then sworn in as President.
  2. ^ Heffernan, Virginia (2006-10-26). "TELEVISION; In Galactica, It's Politics as Usual. Or Is It?". The New York Times. p. 1. Retrieved 2009-01-25. Initially the insurgents enjoyed the backing of the leader of the humans -- a onetime cabinet member named Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) who rose to the office of president when those ahead of her in the line of succession were wiped out -- but lately she has found their suicide tactics insupportable