Head of the Family

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Head of the Family
Directed by Charles Band
(as Robert Talbot)
Produced by Charles Band
Kirk Edward Hansen
Screenplay by Benjamin Carr
Starring Blake Adams
Jacqueline Lovell
J.W. Perra
Bob Schott
Alexandria Quinn
Music by Richard Band
Steven Morell
Distributed by Full Moon Entertainment
Release date
  • November 29, 1996 (1996-11-29)
(USA video premiere)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Head of the Family is a 1996 b movie black comedy released by Full Moon Features. It concerns a Southern couple who blackmail a family of mutants to get money and revenge.[1]


Howard (Gordon Jennison Noice) is the meanest nastiest thug in town, a Harley riding criminal with a hot wife Loretta (Jacqueline Lovell). Loretta's problem is she's having an affair with Lance (Blake Adams), owner of the town diner and Howard’s getting suspicious. Driving back from one of their nightly flings, Lance witnesses the local family of weirdos, the Stackpools, dragging a man from his truck and into their house. Seeing this as an opportunity, Lance discovers the Stackpools terrible secret. They are quintuplets but instead of being born as a normal human, they each have one of the traits of one human being: One is extremely strong; one has extremely well-developed senses; one is extremely attractive (Alexandria Quinn); and, one is extremely intelligent. The whole family is run by the one who has super intelligence, the 'head of the family' from the title, Myron (J.W. Perra). Little more than a giant head with hands in a wheelchair, Myron psychically controls his other siblings, but seeks more. When idiotic locals fall for his trap, he experiments on their brains, trying to find a normal body to house his superior intellect. Lance blackmails the Stackpools with their secret, getting them to kill Howard and demanding $2,000 a week in cash. (The Stackpools are rich in oil and coal among other things) Eventually Myron tires of Lance's bottom-feeding, and captures him and Loretta, to get them to destroy the evidence of their secret. To force Lance's hand, he puts Loretta in a mock play of Joan of Arc in the basement, complete with a burning at the stake. The dumb strong one, seeing the 'pretty girl' in trouble, carries her off before she can be hurt, and burns the house down. With the Stackpools and Lance dead, the ever scheming Loretta realizes that the big dumb one is the heir to the family riches. She marries him inheriting all the Stackpool fortunes. The ending, however, suggests that Myron is still alive and is controlling the dumb one again....


On June 25, 2008, director Charles Band announced that he would be making a sequel entitled Bride of the Head of the Family. The sequel had originally been intended to be made in the late 1990s, but the plans for the film fell through. This version never came into fruition.

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