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Headbone Interactive, Inc. was an American children-oriented multimedia company located in Seattle, Washington founded around 1993-1994 by Susan Lammers and her husband Walter Euyang. The company folded in October 2000 when their official website went offline.

In 1996 the company signed a sales and distribution agreement with Broderbund, giving the company exclusive North American retail distribution rights for all Headbone CD-ROMs.[1][2][3]


Susan Lammers graduated from Stanford University in 1979. After working for Microsoft for around eight years, she formed Headbone Interactive with her husband, investing her own money to create and design edutainment CD-ROMs for children. In 1995, the first title, Elroy Goes Bugzerk, was released. It was followed by a sequel, Elroy Hits the Pavement, in 1996. Around that same time, a collection of software called The Gigglebone Gang was created. Four titles were released under that collection (see below). In 1997, a educative and creative website, the Headbone Zone, was created. Around 1998, Headbone Interactive left the CD-ROM business, citing mediocre success despite positive reviews of eight titles, and cut down its staff. That same year, Headbone created Headbone Television and began creating televised programming. Lammers left the company a few months later. In 1999, two television series produced by Headbone began to air: first, "Fidgetmore Academy" on Fox Family, then "Hugo Takes a D-Tour" on Discovery Kids. Headbone was purchased by Bonus.com in 2000 and shut down in October that same year as the Headbone Zone website went offline.


PC Gamer US named Elroy Goes Bugzerk the "Best Educational Product" of 1995. The editors wrote, "The game's sense of humor is perfectly aimed at its intended audience, and the story is well-written and engaging. Elroy Goes Bugzerk does a better job of hiding educational content in an entertaining game than any other title from 1995."[4]


  • Elroy Goes Bugzerk (1995)
  • The Gigglebone Gang: Pantsylvania (1995)
  • The Gigglebone Gang: Alphabonk Farm (1995)
  • Elroy's Costume Closet (1996)
  • Elroy Hits the Pavement (1996)
  • The Gigglebone Gang: Infinity City (1996)
  • Iz and Auggie: Escape from Dimension Q (1996)
  • The Gigglebone Gang World Tour (1997)

TV Series[edit]


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