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For the bishop of Hereford, see Headda of Hereford.

Bishop of Lichfield and of Leicester
Installed c. 691 (Lichfield)
c. 709 (Leicester)
Term ended c. 721 (death)
Predecessor Seaxwulf (Lichfield)
Wilfrid (Leicester)
Successor Aldwine
Consecration 691
Personal details
Died c. 721

Headda[a] (died c. 721) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield.[b]

Headda was consecrated in 691 and died between 716 and 727.[1] He held the see of Leicester along with Lichfield.[1] In 706 Headda consecrated the new church constructed at Crowland by Guthlac.[2]

Prior to Headda's consecration, he had "almost certainly" been abbot of the monastery at Breedon, in Leicestershire, before which he may also have been a monk at Medeshamstede.[3]


  1. ^ Or Headdus or Eatheadus of Sidnacester
  2. ^ For "Sidnacester", see Bishop of Lindsey


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Lichfield
691–c. 721
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Bishop of Leicester
709–c. 721