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Header may refer to:

Computers and engineering[edit]


  • Lintels (headers), structural members in light-frame construction which run perpendicular to floor and ceiling joists, "heading" them off to create an opening
  • Lintel (architecture), a structural member in post-and-lintel building construction
  • In brickwork, a brick laid with its short side exposed
  • In piping, a manifold or length of pipe that connects multiple smaller pipes


  • Header (sailing): a term used in sailboat racing to denote a wind shift
  • Header, a herding dog with a specific method of interacting with its flock
  • Header, a headlong fall, particularly from a penny-farthing bicycle
  • Header (association football), use of the player's head to direct the ball in association football (soccer)
  • Header, a competitor in the team roping rodeo event who specializes in roping a steer's head


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