Headknocker (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics
First appearance Hardcase #1 (1993)
Created by James Hudnall
In-story information
Alter ego Larry Price
Team affiliations Aladdin Assault Squad
Abilities Superhuman strength and physical resistance

Headknocker is a comic book villain that appeared in the Malibu Comic's Ultraverse book Hardcase.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Larry Price was a small-time hood, who stole cars when he wasn't collecting unemployment. His world changed the day he was jumpstarted by the Entity, the damaged computer of an alien spaceship that had crashed landed on the moon centuries ago. Larry's skin turned white, his hair green and his muscles expanded. Unlike members of the Squad who went public with their abilities, Larry waited to test his powers.

A year later, Larry, calling himself Headknocker, decided to use his powers to rob a bank. Overpowering the police, he would have succeeded if Hardcase had not intervened. The two battled and though Headknocker was stronger, Hardcase rendered him unconscious. Headknocker was turned over to Aladdin, who placed him in their holding facility at Groom Lake.

When Hardcase and Choice set out to break into Groom Lake facility, Headknocker was given the opportunity to repay Hardcase. Aladdin agent Malik offered to erase Headknocker's record if he would work for Aladdin and kill the heroes. Headknocker agreed and teamed with the Aladdin Assault Squad and Hardwire to complete the assignment. They failed, but Headknocker and Hardwire used the opportunity to escape.

Black September[edit]

Headknocker was still at large at the time of the Black September Event, where the Ultraverse's reality was changed. After the event, Headknocker was among several ultras attempting to collect a bounty placed on the heads of the Exiles. Subsequently he (and several others) were killed by Maxis.


Headknocker possessed great strength and invulnerability, able to shrug off repeated gunshots. While he could not leap great distances, he could jump a hundred yards, and move at speeds of 60 miles per hour (97 km/h).

Appearances in other Media[edit]

Headknocker appeared in the short-lived Ultraforce cartoon show.