Headlands, Zimbabwe

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Headlands is a village in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe located on the main Harare-Mutare road about 136 km from Harare. It is a trading post and tobacco farming area. The settlement was established in 1891 by white settlers and named Laurencedale after the leader of the settlers, Laurence van der Byl. In 1897 the village changed its name to Headlands, and by 1898 the railway arrived. Copper was discovered about 34 km away in 1908. Inyati Mine (gold and copper) is situated in the district Headlands in the province of Manicaland.

Headlands is part of Makoni District. It is divided into the following areas: Mufusire, Eaglesnest, Chendambuya, Chinyudze, Mupururu, Maparura, Mayo, Chikore, Tanda, Baddeley, Chinhenga, Tsikada, Nyawaro, Nheta, Mazai, Dewerwi, and Nyahowe.

Coordinates: 18°17′S 32°03′E / 18.283°S 32.050°E / -18.283; 32.050