Headline Country

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Headline Country
Created by Surfing Moose Productions
Directed by Storme Warren, Jeremy Weber
Presented by Storme Warren
Country of origin United States
Executive producer(s) Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Hartley, Storme Warren
Production location(s) Nashville, TN
Running time Alternate Thursday Nights, 9 P.M. EST
Original network GAC
Original release January, 2009
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Headline Country is an American country music news and entertainment show airing on GAC. The show is produced by Surfing Moose Productions.

The show premiered in January 2009 and runs biweekly in 30 minute episodes.[1]

Based in Nashville, TN, "Headline Country" is the only nationally airing television program to cover the world of country music.[2] The show features news, interviews, performances, and various forms of "behind-the-scenes" content.


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