List of heads of government of Gabon

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Prime Minister of the
Gabonese Republic
Coat of arms of Gabon.svg
Daniel Ona Ondo

since 27 January 2014
Appointer Ali Bongo Ondimba,
as President of Gabon
Inaugural holder Léon M'ba
Formation 17 August 1960
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The following is a list of heads of government of Gabon, since the country gained independence from France in 1960.

Prime Ministers of Gabon (1960–present)[edit]

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Affiliation Notes
Gabon Autonomous Republic
21 May 1957 to 26 July 1958 Léon M'ba 1964.jpg Léon M’ba, Vice President of the Government Council BDG
26 July 1958 to 28 November 1958 Léon M'ba, President of the Government Council
28 November 1958 to 27 February 1959 Léon M'ba, Head of the Provisional Government
27 February 1959 to 17 August 1960 Léon M'ba, Prime Minister
Gabonese Republic   (République Gabonaise)
17 August 1960 to 21 February 1961 Léon M'ba 1964.jpg Léon M'ba, Prime Minister BDG President from 17 August 1960
21 February 1961 to 17 February 1964 Léon M'ba, President Head of Government exercised by Head of State until 16 April 1975
18 February 1964 to 19 February 1964 Aubame.jpg Jean-Hilaire Aubame, Provisional Prime Minister Mil/UDSG Usurper
19 February 1964 to 28 November 1967 Léon M'ba 1964.jpg Léon M'ba, President BDG Died in office
2 December 1967 to 1968 Omar Bongo crop.jpg Albert-Bernard Bongo, President BDG
1968 to 29 September 1973 PDG Changed name to Omar Bongo on conversion to Islam
29 September 1973 to 16 April 1975 Omar Bongo, President Previously Albert-Bernard Bongo
16 April 1975 to 3 May 1990 Léon Mébiame, Prime Minister PDG
3 May 1990 to 2 November 1994 Casimir Oyé-Mba, Prime Minister n-p
2 November 1994 to 23 January 1999 Paulin Obame-Nguema, Prime Minister PDG
23 January 1999 to 20 January 2006 Jean-François Ntoutoume Emane, Prime Minister PDG
20 January 2006 to 17 July 2009 Jean Eyeghé Ndong, Prime Minister PDG
17 July 2009 to 27 February 2012 Paul Biyoghé Mba, Prime Minister PDG
27 February 2012 to 27 January 2014 Raymond Ndong Sima, Prime Minister PDG
27 January 2014 to Present Daniel Ona Ondo, Prime Minister PDG


PDG Parti Démocratique Gabonais  (Gabonese Democratic Party)  authoritarian, estd. March 1968, former BDG
PGP Parti Gabonais du Progrès  (Gabonese Party of Progress) progressive
BDG Bloc Démocratique Gabonais  (Gabonese Democratic Bloc)  from March 1968 PDG
UDSG Union Democratique et Sociale Gabonaise   (Gabonese Social and Democratic Union)
Mil Military
n-p non-partisan
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