List of heads of government of Botswana

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(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

The office of Prime Minister of Botswana existed from 3 March 1965 to 30 September 1966, during which time it was held by one individual, Seretse Khama, who later served as President from 1966 until his death on 13 July 1980.

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Affiliation Notes
Republic of Botswana
3 March 1965 to 30 September 1966 Seretse Khama, Prime Minister BDP Continued thereafter as President of Botswana
30 September 1966 Post abolished


BDP Botswana Democratic Party conservative,
BNF Botswana National Front social-democratic
BPP Botswana People’s Party centristethnic Bamangwato
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Botswana Congress Party


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