Headset (California band)

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Origin California, United States
Genres Alternative
Years active 1996 – 2001
Labels Centipede Records
Members Ryan Kirk – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Taylor Stacy – Bass, Vocals
Sean Furlong – Drums
Chris FudurichKeyboards
Past members Don Knotts Overdrive
Howard Hallis
Bobby Hecksher
Daniel Myer
Bob Mustachio
Anthony Scarpa
Joh Kaizen
Pititia Alcala
Chicken John
Mike Gump
Adam Bregman

Headset was an American alternative rock band based in California, United States.



Originally known as Don Knotts Overdrive (DKO), this Hollywood-based performance art/rock ensemble began their career in 1993, consisting of Howard Hallis (today, an artist), Taylor Stacy (Magic Pacer, Erin Martin Band, Deletists, Reverz Engineers, Electromagnetic), Bobby Hecksher (Charles Brown Superstar, Magic Pacer, The Warlocks), Bob Mustachio (Magic Pacer, The Warlocks) and Daniel Meyer (Dashboard Prophets, Farflung).

Originally visually and shock-rock based, dressing as monsters, superheroes, animals, naked, etc., the LA party band released a 7" single in 1994 on Wrong Dimension Records.

In 1995, Hallis and Hecksher left the group as their full-length CD debut was released nationally.

Due to legal challenges from the actual Don Knotts, the group changed their moniker to The Headset.

In 1997, the group released "Twisted Steel, Leather Donut," which later appeared on the Orgazmo soundtrack album; a cover of the Devo song "Snowball" for the official tribute album We Are Not Devo, and a version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax for Exene Cervenka's KPNK CD compilation soon followed.

The group, initially performing as DKO, played sold-out shows from Spaceland to the Whisky to The Viper Room. The reclusive four-piece instead signed an indie contract giving them more creative control. Centipede Records and Producer Jim Goodwin released "Brownout" with major college radio backing.


Studio albums[edit]

Don Knotts Overdrive 7" single (1994) Wrong Dimension Records Track Listing

Acid Caboose (featuring Dr. Timothy Leary) Pfunny Bunny (featuring Kill Whitey) Loopy Bird (featuring Genesis P. Orridge)

The Patio Collection (1995) "Electric Treechrome Disco Girl"

Juggernaut CD (1996) 13 songs

We Are Not Devo (1997) "Snowball"

KPNK (Compilation) 1997 Producer: Exene Cervenka Don Knotts Overdrive- "Relax" Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover

Brownout CD (2000)


  • Orgazmo — "Twisted Steel, Leather Donut" (1996)