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Headstart School, Pakistan

Najib Murtaza Road, Off Park Rd, Near CDA Park Enclave. P.O. BOX 1531 Kuri Islamabad 44000

Phone: +92 51 843 5473

Headstart School was founded in 1991 by Naznin Murtaza and Late Najib Murtaza. It began as a Montessori in F-6/3 Sector of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is registered as private limited company .[citation needed] It has seven branches in Islamabad with enrollment of more than 1,700 students and 290 members of faculty and staff.

It has a co-educational setup from montessori to class 5 and beyond up to A-level.

Headstart Robofort started under the supervision of Eng. Najib Murtaza. The Center for Engineering and Robotics has been in operation since 2003. Technical support was provided by PCS Edventures Inc. (based at Idaho, USA) .[citation needed] Headstart-Robofort has dovetailed technology, engineering, communications, math, problem solving and team skills into the existing curriculum with project-based learning.

Kuri Flagship Campus

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