Heald Square Monument

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Heald Square Monument
View from Wacker Drive
Artist Lorado Taft and Leonard Crunelle
Year 1936-1941
Type Bronze
Location Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois

The Heald Square Monument is a bronze sculpture group by Lorado Taft in Heald Square, Chicago, Illinois.[1] It depicts General George Washington, and the two principal financers of the American Revolution, Robert Morris and Haym Salomon. Following Taft's 1936 death, the sculpture was completed by his associates Leonard Crunelle,[1] Nellie Walker and Fred Torrey.[2]

Heald Square is located in the Michigan–Wacker Historic District of Chicago's Loop community area. The square was named for Captain Nathan Heald, commander of Fort Dearborn from 1810-1812.[1]

The sculpture was designated a Chicago Landmark on September 15, 1971.[1]

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