Healdtown Comprehensive School

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Healdtown Comprehensive School is a Methodist school located near Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It was established in 1855 and assuming its current name in 1994, having been known for most of its history as simply "Healdtown". The founder was John Ayliff, a Wesleyan Methodist missionary from England. It was closed in 1865 and reopened in 1867 as a center for theological and teacher training. In 1880 the theological school was moved to another place, and the Teacher Training School remained. Girls were admitted to study there in 1898. In 1925 a high school course was added. The government took over the school in 1956 due to the Bantu Education Act of 1953. The hostels remained in the hands of the Methodist Church. 761 students used the hostels in 1967.

Prominent former pupils include:


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32°43′55″S 26°42′18″E / 32.73194°S 26.70500°E / -32.73194; 26.70500