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Leader Kenneth Backgård
Ideology None, single-issue party (healthcare)

The Health Care Party (Swedish: Sjukvårdspartiet, SVP) is a political party in Sweden that concentrates on healthcare issues. It regards itself as cross-political single-issue party.

The party is constituted by six regional parties;

Five of these parties had contested the 2002 county council elections, together mustering 60,984 votes. The Norrbotten party has 17 seats in the Norrbotten county council, and the Gävleborg and Västernorrland parties have five seats each.

The six regional parties founded the national party at a conference in Uppsala in 2005. Notably some other regional health care parties have stayed away from the project, such as the health care parties in Värmland, Västra Götaland and Jämtland.


The party wants to invest 35 billion Swedish kronor more in healthcare with the aim of spending 10% of Sweden's gross national product on healthcare. The party also wants more private involvement in the state healthcare system and wants to reduce the overall rate of tax.

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