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Healthcare-NOW! is a non-profit grassroots coalition in support of the single-payer health care movement for the United States.[1] Healthcare-NOW!'s stated goal is to implement the United States National Health Care Act (HR 676, aka Expanded and Improved Medicare for All).[2][3][4]


Healthcare-NOW! was founded in 2004, originally under the name of the Campaign for a National Health Program NOW (CNHP NOW). The first meeting of the coalition was the Campaign for a National Health Program NOW Conference: "Health Care Crisis and Election of 2004." On August 31 and September 1, 2004, the conference was held as well as a rally during the Republican Convention.[5][6]

Organizing methodology[edit]

Healthcare-NOW! uses various community organizing methods. Strategies and ideas are developed through annual national strategy meetings with volunteer organizers and health care activists around the country, including Rep. John Conyers.[7] In 2007, Healthcare-NOW launched traveling Road Shows promoting single payer reform, as well as co-sponsored an Annual Health Care Justice Vigil held each September in Washington D.C.[8] Other techniques include Sicko House Parties[9] and Truth Hearings.[10][11] On June 19, 2008, Healthcare-NOW! joined efforts with other organizations, including the California Nurses Association, to initiate the National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Companies. This National Day of Protest took place in 18 cities nationwide in support of a single payer system.[12] It was a campaign mainly about public health care not private.


Healthcare-NOW is composed of 36 board members, in addition to the board of directors. The National Coordinator was Marilyn Clement.

Board Member co-chairs[13]

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