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Type of business Private
Type of site
Electronic Commerce, Question and Answer (Q&A) Site
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Kunal Sinha,[1] Shekhar Sahu,[2] Nitesh Pant, Abhilash Thirupathy
Key people Kunal Sinha (CEO), Abhilash Thirupathy (Co-founder), Shekhar Sahu (Co-founder), Nitesh Pant (Co-founder)
Industry Healthcare
Employees 76
Parent Ebix Inc.[3][4]
Alexa rank 18258 (January 2014)[5]
Registration Required
Launched Feb 2008
Current status Active
Written in Java

HealthcareMagic is a question-and-answer website which provides answers to medical questions for a fee. A user is required to register to post a question in HealthcareMagic, paying a variable fee to receive the answer.


HealthcareMagic was launched in January 2008 by Kunal Sinha, Abhilash Thirupathy, Shekhar Sahu and Nitesh Pant. Kunal Sinha founded this company after he left Unified Technologies, an internet technology company based in Bangalore.[1][6] In 2009, the company collaborated with Atom Telecom to launch an IVR-based payment service.[7] The website provides answers to health queries from qualified medical practitioners registered with it from around the world. It currently gains around 1,900 new users a day and receives 4.5 million unique visits per month.[6] In September 2013 they released an App for their service on Android and iOS, named Ask a Doctor.[8]


HealthcareMagic received $2.5 million in seed funding from Accel Partners in 2009 in exchange for ~20-25% equity, separated into $0.5 million tranches.[9][10][11] HealthcareMagic was acquired by Ebix Inc. on May 27, 2014 for $18.5 million.[3][4]


NextBigWhat author Ashish Sinha said that the company "used to flood" various forums with tons of health related content".[11] The Wall Street Journal was provided a response which was too broad during their review in 2012,[12] and The Washington Post found their answers "too broad".[13]


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