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The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) - USA - is a non-profit membership organization for healthcare financial management executives.[1] The organization is based in Westchester, Cook County, Illinois.[2] Founded on September 30, 1946,[3] HFMA serves more than 39,000 members, which include CFOs, controllers, and accountants.


HFMA’s national officers and Board of Directors, composed of volunteer leaders of the Association, oversee the Association’s governance and management. There are thirteen members of the Board of Directors, one of whom is appointed President, three of whom are elected officers of the HFMA and nine who are elected directors of the HFMA. The HFMA Board of Directors must have at least five HFMA certified members who are in good standing.[4] The roles, powers, and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Association’s officers are defined by the Association’s constitution and bylaws.

Peer Review[edit]

HFMA has an evaluation process for products and services called The Short List. HFMA Peer Reviewed products and services have been evaluated by users looking to make purchasing decisions.

The program consists of a rigorous 11-step, high-level screening process by a peer review panel consisting of current customers, prospects who have not made a purchase, and expert HFMA Peer Review Board members. Peer Review status approval of the product or service and its performance claims are based on a strict set of criteria, including quality, technical support, customer service, and value.[citation needed]


HFMA has eleven regions.

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