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Healthcare in Cyprus accounted for 5.8% of GDP in Cyprus in 2002 of which 51% came from private resources compared with an average of just 25% in the rest of the EU.[1]

George Pamporidis, the Minister of Health, announced in September 2015 that he intended to establish a National Health Service by 2017. He has previously pledged to clear our corruption in Cyprus' public hospitals. [2] Establishment of an operational NHS was a promise Cyprus made as part of the bailout programme with the Troika of international lenders. Pamporidis proposed a 2% special tax (1% for employers and 1% for employees) to finance a "mini-NHS".[3]

Health indicators[edit]

In 2006, life expectancy for males was 79 and for females 82 years.[4] Infant mortality in 2002 was 5 per 1,000 live births, comparing favourably to most developed nations.[5]

A systematic population analysis of deaths in the adult population (ages 15–59) and released in 2010 in The Lancet place Cyprus as the country with the lowest mortality in females and 14th lowest mortality in males.[6][7]

The Euro health consumer index ranked Cyprus 26th of 35 European countries in 2015, commenting that it did not really have a public healthcare system in the general European meaning. It has the highest rates of Caesareans in the world.[8]


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