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This article is about the health care company, for the scuba gear company, see Healthways (scuba gear company).
Industry Health care
Founded 1981[1]
Headquarters Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Area served
United States, Brazil, France, Germany
Key people
Donato Tramuto (CEO)[2]
Services Disease management
Revenue Increase US$742,183,000 (2014)[3]
Increase US$7,433,000 (2014)[4]
Profit Decrease US$5,561,000 (2014)[4]
Number of employees
2,500+ (2015)

Healthways is a well-being improvement company founded in 1981 and headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

In 2003, the company topped a list of "America's fastest-growing small companies," based on earnings/share growth, revenue growth, and total return.[5] The company's name was changed from American Healthways (NASDAQ: AMHC) to "Healthways" (NASDAQ: HWAY) in 2006 in order to better compete for business outside the United States.[6] In 2009 Healthways acquired HealthHonors, a behavior economics company that specializes in behavior change science and use of incentives.

In 2010, Blue Zones and Healthways teamed up to create, support, and sustain a national movement to improve community health and well-being by leading a city-by-city environment transformation with collaboration from both the public and private sectors.[7]

In 2011, Healthways acquired Navvis & Company, a St. Louis-based firm providing strategic counsel and change management services both to enable its healthcare system clients to become future-ready clinical enterprises and to align the incentives for all stakeholders. Their partnership is now called Navvis Healthways.[8]

In 2013, Healthways and The Lampo Group, Inc. — headed by Dave Ramsey — entered into an exclusive agreement for Healthways to deliver the CORE Financial Wellness program as part of its Well-Being Improvement Solution. This program is known as Healthways Financial Well-Being, Powered by Dave Ramsey.[9] Also in 2013, Healthways contracted with Dean Ornish to operate and license his Lifestyle Management Programs. The agreement enabled the company to offer programs for changing lifestyles in order to prevent, treat and reverse certain chronic diseases.[10]

Healthways currently operates eight Well-Being Improvement Centers (WBICs) across the US, and three international facilities.[11]

Other programs[edit]

SilverSneakers is a fitness program designed for older adults who are Medicare-eligible, to group retiree members and to members of other sponsoring organizations.[12] SilverSneakers originated in 1992 when HealthCare Dimensions, Inc. was founded Tempe, Arizona which later merged with several other health-related companies to form Axia Health Management, Inc. In 2006 Healthways purchased Axia.[13]

QuitNet is an online smoking cessation system emphasizing social support as a mechanism for behavior change. The system originated at Boston University's School of Public Health in 1995 as a demonstration project and was spun-out as a for-profit entity in 2000.[14] The company was later merged along with SilverSneakers and others to form Axia Health Management, Inc. and ultimately acquired by Healthways in 2006.

MeYou Health is a subsidiary of Healthways. Daily Challenge, their core product, is an interactive social gaming program designed to suggest slight changes in lifestyle to improve well-being. It incorporates Walkadoo, a wireless pedometer program, a Well-Being Tracker, to monitor changes in lifestyle, Hello 200, a social community element to help users find ways to reduce 200 calories a day-the amount typically needed to create greater fitness, and Quitnet, an online smoking cessation system.[15]


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