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This article is about the health care company, for the scuba gear company, see Healthways (scuba gear company).
Industry Health care
Founded 1981[1]
Headquarters Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Area served
United States, Brazil, France, Germany
Key people
Alfred Lumsdaine ( Interim CEO)
Services Disease management
Revenue Increase US$742,183,000 (2014)[2]
Increase US$7,433,000 (2014)[3]
Profit Decrease US$5,561,000 (2014)[3]
Number of employees
2,500+(January 1,2015)

Healthways is a well-being improvement company founded in 1981 and headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

In 2003, the company topped a list of "America's fastest-growing small companies," based on earnings/share growth, revenue growth, and total return.[4] The company's name was changed from American Healthways (NASDAQ: AMHC) to "Healthways" (NASDAQ: HWAY) in 2006 in order to better compete for business outside the United States.[5] In 2009 Healthways acquired HealthHonors, a behavior economics company that specializes in behavior change science and use of incentives.

In 2010, Blue Zones and Healthways teamed up to create, support, and sustain a national movement to improve community health and well-being by leading a city-by-city environment transformation with collaboration from both the public and private sectors.[6]

In 2011, Healthways acquired Navvis & Company, a St. Louis-based firm providing strategic counsel and change management services both to enable its healthcare system clients to become future-ready clinical enterprises and to align the incentives for all stakeholders. Their partnership is now called Navvis Healthways .[7]

In 2013, Healthways and The Lampo Group, Inc. — headed by Dave Ramsey — entered into an exclusive agreement for Healthways to deliver the CORE Financial Wellness program as part of its Well-Being Improvement Solution. This program is known as Healthways Financial Well-Being, Powered by Dave Ramsey . [8] Also in 2013, Healthways announced it entered into a partnership with Dean Ornish, M.D., to operate and license his Lifestyle Management Programs. Dr. Ornish's programs, combined with Healthways' well-being improvement platform, will enable the company to comprehensively leverage lifestyle behavior change programs that serve the purpose of preventing, treating and reversing certain chronic diseases.[9]

Healthways currently operates eight Well-Being Improvement Centers (WBICs) across the US, and three international facilities.[10]

Other programs[edit]

SilverSneakers is a fitness program designed for older adults who are Medicare-eligible, to group retiree members and to members of other sponsoring organizations.[11] SilverSneakers originated in 1992 when HealthCare Dimensions, Inc. was founded Tempe, Arizona which later merged with several other health-related companies to form Axia Health Management, Inc. In 2006 Healthways purchased Axia.[12]

QuitNet is an online smoking cessation system emphasizing social support as a mechanism for behavior change. The system originated at Boston University's School of Public Health in 1995 as a demonstration project and was spun-out as a for-profit entity in 2000.[13] The company was later merged along with SilverSneakers and others to form Axia Health Management, Inc. and ultimately acquired by Healthways in 2006.

MeYou Health is a subsidiary of Healthways. Daily Challenge, their core product, is an interactive social gaming program designed to suggest slight changes in lifestyle to improve well-being. It incorporates Walkadoo, a wireless pedometer program, a Well-Being Tracker, to monitor changes in lifestyle, Hello 200, a social community element to help users find ways to reduce 200 calories a day-the amount typically needed to create greater fitness, and Quitnet, an online smoking cessation system.[14]


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