Hear (Diesel album)

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Diesel hear.jpeg
Studio album by Diesel/Mark Lizotte
Released 2002
Recorded ?
Genre Hard rock
Length 42:83
Label Hepfidelity
Producer Craig Porteils & Diesel
Diesel/Mark Lizotte chronology
Soul Lost Companion (1999) Hear
Singled Out

Hear is a 2002 album released by Johnny Diesel.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Angel Face
  2. Faith and Gasoline
  3. Getta Kick (Diesel/Guy Davies)
  4. She's High
  5. Brighter Than The Sun (Diesel/Guy Davies)
  6. Battleworn
  7. Don't Send Another (Diesel/G. Wattenberg)
  8. I'm Here (Diesel/Lee Moloney/Richie Vez/Rob Woolf)
  9. On Your Sand (Diesel/Lee Moloney/Richie Vez/Rob Woolf)
  10. Lotion (Diesel/Guy Davies)
  11. The Embers
  12. I Wanna Fly

All tracks written by Diesel except where noted.


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