Hearst-Argyle Tower

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Hearst-Argyle Tower is the common name for the guyed tower used for TV broadcasting at Walnut Grove, California, United States at 38°15′52″N 121°29′25.6″W / 38.26444°N 121.490444°W / 38.26444; -121.490444. From 1985 to 2002 Hearst-Argyle Television owned the tower and site, and they remain a tenant, but in May 2002 ownership was transferred to Richland Towers.

The tower is 2000 ft or 609.6 m high and was finished in 1985. Close to it there are two masts of similar height, the KXTV/KOVR Tower and the Channel 40 Tower.

Current Tenants[edit]

  • KCRA Ch. 3 (analog)
  • KCRA Ch. 35 (digital)
  • KMAX Ch. 31 (analog)
  • KMAX Ch. 21 (digital)
  • KQCA Ch. 46 (digital)
  • KSPX Ch. 48 (digital)

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