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Heart's Desire is a book by Edward Hoagland,[1] published by Summit Books circa 1988[2] with the ISBN 978-0-67164-985-2.

Through the 35 essays Hoagland offers his observations on a range of topics, including: life, love, marriage, children, suffering, the city, and isolation.

It contains the following essays:

  • "The Ridge-Slope Fox and the Knife Thrower"
  • "The Courage of Turtles"
  • "Home is Two Places"
  • "Mountain Notch"
  • "Of Cows and Cambodia"
  • "Howling Back at the Wolves"
  • "Lament the Red Wolf"
  • "Thoughts on Returning to the City After Five Months on a Mountain Where the Wolves Howled"
  • "City Walking"
  • "City Rat"
  • "The Threshold and the Jolt of Pain"
  • "In the Toils of the Law"
  • "Virginie and the Slaves"
  • "Mushpan Man"
  • "Bears, Bears, Bears"
  • "Hailing the Elusory Mountain Lion"
  • "The Moose on the Wall"
  • "A Run of Bad Luck"
  • "Heart's Desire"
  • "The Lapping, Itchy Edge of Love"
  • "The Problem of the Golden Rule"
  • "Bragging for Humanity"
  • "Dogs and the Tug of Life"
  • "Other Lives"
  • "The Midnight Train to Portland"
  • "Fred King and the Allagash"
  • "Walking the Dead Diamond River"
  • "The Tugman's Passage"
  • "A Low-Water Man"
  • "Heaven and Nature"
  • "Tiger Bright"
  • "Dying Argots"
  • "Two Clowns"
  • "Should Auld Acquaintance"
  • "Gods, Masks, and Horses"


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