Heart cancer

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Heart cancer
Classification and external resources
Specialty Oncology
ICD-10 C38.0, D15.1
ICD-9-CM 164.1, 212.7
MeSH D006338

Heart cancer is an extremely rare form of cancer that is divided into primary tumors of the heart and secondary tumors of the heart.


Most heart tumors begin with myxomas, fibromas, rhabdomyomas, and hamartomas, although malignant sarcomas (such as angiosarcoma or cardiac sarcoma) have been known to occur. In a study of 12,487 autopsies performed in Hong Kong seven cardiac tumors were found, most of which were benign.[1] According to Mayo Clinic: "At Mayo Clinic, on average only one case of heart cancer is seen each year."[1] In a study conducted in the Hospital of the Medical University of Vienna 113 primary cardiac tumour cases were identified in a time period of 15 years with 11 being malignant. The mean survival in the latter group of patients was found to be 26.2 ± 9.8 months.[2]

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