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Heart of America Council
Heart of America Council CSP.png
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri
Country United States
Founded July 1, 1974
President Scott Boswell
Council Commissioner Keith Sickendick
Scout Executive Kenn Miller
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Heart of America Council serves Scouts in Missouri and Kansas. This council was formed on July 1, 1974 with the merger of the former Kansas City Area (Kansas City, Missouri) and Kaw (Kansas City, Kansas) Councils.


The Boy Scouts of America celebrated their fortieth anniversary in 1950 with the theme of "Strengthen the Arm of Liberty."[1] Between 1949 and 1952, approximately two hundred 100-inch (2.5 m) replicas of the statue, made of stamped copper, were purchased by Boy Scout troops and donated in 39 states in the U.S. and several of its possessions and territories. The project was the brainchild of Kansas City businessman, J.P. Whitaker, who was then Scout Commissioner of the Kansas City Area Council. The copper statues were manufactured by Friedley-Voshardt Co. (Chicago, IL) and purchased through the Kansas City Boy Scout office by those wanting one. The statues are approximately 8½ feet tall without the base, constructed of sheet copper, weigh 290 pounds, and originally cost $350 plus freight. The mass-produced statues are not great art nor meticulously accurate (a conservator notes that "her face isn't as mature as the real Liberty. It is rounder and more like a little girl's"), but they are cherished, particularly since 9/11. Many have been lost or destroyed, but preservationists have been able to account for about a hundred of them, and BSA Troop 101 of Cheyenne, Wyoming has collected photographs of over 100 of them.[2][3]



H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation[edit]

H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation is a Boy Scouts of America reservation located in 4,200 acres (17 km2) of woodland outside of Osceola, Missouri, and bordering on Truman Lake in the Heart of America Council (HOAC) Lone Bear district. It is one of two Scout reservations operated by the Heart of America Council. It is also 2½ miles away from Iconium, Missouri.

It was named after former Kansas City, Missouri mayor and Boy Scout council executive H. Roe Bartle. The reservation is divided into three camps named Lone Star (previously Wigwam), Sawmill, and Piercing Arrow (previously Frontier). Bartle is one of two Boy Scout camps to participate in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, an American Indian based honor society.

Theodore Naish Scout Reservation[edit]

Theodore Naish Scout Reservation is a Boy Scout camp located in Bonner Springs, Kansas.[4] The camp was named after Kansas City civil engineer and draftsman Theodore Naish, who was killed in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania in 1915. The first 90 acres (360,000 m2) of the land were donated to the Boy Scouts in 1926 by Naish's wife, Belle Saunders Naish.[5] Camp Naish is run by the Heart of America Council and is one of two camps sponsored by the council. Naish is home to the Tamegonit Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow[edit]

Tamegonit Lodge
Tamegonit Lodge.png
Lodge Chief Steven Ozaki
Lodge Adviser Skip McGurk
Staff Adviser Scott Weaver

The Tamegonit Lodge is a lodge of the Order of the Arrow located at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

At the 2006 NOAC the Ceremonial Team was chosen to represent the plains tribes with their Cheyenne set of regalia in a living museum. There were only 5 areas to represent. Also The Ceremonial Team has been recognized as one of the best in the country, they have won many a section conclave, and even were the national champs in 1983 – one of the last years champions were named.

Several members of the lodge have also recognized with the Distinguished Service Award,(This number totals Seven) a national award to individual arrowmen based on their ongoing service to Scouting and the Order. The most recent recipient of the Distinguished Service Award was at the National Order of the Arrow Conference in 2012. Tamegonit Lodge has also been honored with the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and Quality Lodge (as recent as 2011).

Tamegonit Lodge ended 2013 as the largest Lodge in the nation with 4628 dues paying members. [6]

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