Heartbreak (Bert Jansch album)

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Studio album by Bert Jansch
Released April 1982
Recorded June 1981 at Silverlake Studio, Los Angeles
Genre Folk
Label Logo
Producer John Chelew, Richard Chelew
Bert Jansch chronology
Thirteen Down
(1980)Thirteen Down1980
From the Outside
(1985)From the Outside1985

Heartbreak is the fourteenth album by Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch, released in 1982.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Bert Jansch; except where indicated

  1. "Is It Real?"
  2. "Up to the Stars"
  3. "Give Me the Time"
  4. "If I Were a Carpenter" (Tim Hardin)
  5. "Wild Mountain Thyme" (Traditional)
  6. "Heartbreak Hotel" (Mae Boren Axton, Thomas Durden, Elvis Presley)
  7. "Sit Down Beside Me"
  8. "No Rhyme Nor Reason"
  9. "Blackwaterside" (Traditional)
  10. "Not A Word Was Said"

2012 Deluxe Edition[edit]

Disc 1

Same as the original LP release.

Disc 2 - Live At McCabe's Guitar Shop

  1. "The Curragh Of Kildare"
  2. "Poor Mouth"
  3. "Blackwaterside"
  4. "One For Jo"
  5. "Let Me Sing"
  6. "If I Were a Carpenter"
  7. "Blues Run The Game"
  8. "Is It Real?"
  9. "Ask Your Daddy"
  10. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
  11. "Kingfisher"
  12. "Wild Mountain Thyme"
  13. "Come Back Baby"
  14. "I Am Lonely"



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