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Hearts of Space Records
Parent companyValley Entertainment
Founded1984 (1984)
FounderStephen Hill, Anna Turner
Distributor(s)Allegro Distribution
GenreNew-age, space, ambient, electronic
Country of originU.S.
LocationSan Francisco, California
Official websitewww.valley-entertainment.com

Hearts of Space Records is a record label owned by Valley Entertainment. The label represents several sublabels, including Hearts of Space, Hearts O'Space, Fathom, RGB, and World Class.


Hearts of Space Records was founded in 1984 as an outlet for music from the weekly radio show Hearts of Space. The label has released mainly contemplative music, but also features ambient, new-age,[1] electronic, world, Celtic, classical, and experimental recordings.


Selection Number Artist Album
HS 11001 Kevin Braheny The Way Home
HS 11002 Kevin Braheny Lullaby for the Hearts of Space (original pressing)
HS 11003 Constance Demby Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate
HS 11004 Kevin Braheny Galaxies
HS 11005 Raphael Music to Disappear In
HS 11006 Bill Douglas Jewel Lake
HS 11007 Shiho Purple Sails
HS 11008 Michael Stearns Encounter
HS 11009 Ken Stover Sir Dancelot's Dream
HS 11010 Constance Demby Sacred Space Music
HS 11011 David Lange Return of the Comet
HS 11012 Steve McDonald Spinfield
HS 11014 Robert Rich Rainforest
HS 11015 Kevin Braheny Secret Rooms
HS 11016 Constance Demby Set Free
HS 11017 Tim Clark Tales of the Sun People
HS 11018 Nik Tyndall Lagoon
HS 11019 Steve Roach and Robert Rich Strata
HS 11020 Al Gromer Khan Mahogany Nights
HS 11021 Bill Douglas Cantilena
HS 11022 Coyote Oldman Thunder Chord
HS 11023 Raphael Music to Disappear In, Volume 2
HS 11024 Sahan Arzruni Visionary Landscapes: Music of Alan Hovhaness
HS 11026 Mychael Danna Sirens
HS 11027 Tim Story Beguiled
HS 11028 Robert Rich Gaudí
HS 11029 Paul Avgerinos Muse of the Round Sky
HS 11030 Giles Reaves Sea of Glass
HS 11031 John Boswell Festival of the Heart
HS 11032 Mychael Danna Skys
HS 11033 Steve Roach and Robert Rich Soma
HS 11034 Suspended Memories Forgotten Gods
HS 11035 Bill Douglas Kaleidoscope
HS 11036 John Boswell Count Me In
HS 11037 David Darling Eight-String Religion
HS 11038 Michael Stearns Sacred Site
HS 11039 Zeus Faber Scubason
HS 11040 Robert Rich Propagation
HS 11041 John Boswell The Painter
HS 11042 Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger Singing Stones
HS 11043 Suspended Memories Earth Island
HS 11044 Lightwave Tycho Brahe
HS 11045 Tim Story The Perfect Flaw
HS 11046 Kenneth Newby Ecology of Souls
HS 11047 Raphael Angels of the Deep
HS 11048 Bill Douglas Circle of Moons
HS 11049 Mychael Danna and Tim Clément North of Niagara
HS 11050 Robert Rich and Lisa Moskow Yearning
HS 11051 Constance Demby Aeterna
HS 11052 Kevin Braheny and Tim Clark Rain
HS 11053 John Boswell Kindred Spirits
HS 11054 Michael Stearns The Lost World
HS 11055 John Doan Wrapped in White
HS 11056 Michael Stearns, Ron Sunsinger and Steve Roach Kiva
HS 11057 Paul Sauvanet Tristesse
HS 11058 Lightwave Mundus Subterraneus
HS 11059 Robert Rich & B. Lustmord Stalker
HS 11060 Joanie Madden Song of the Irish Whistle
HS 11061 Al Gromer Khan and Kai Taschner Black Marble and Sweet Fire
HS 11062 Steve Roach The Magnificent Void
HS 11063 Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna A Celtic Tale: The Legend of Deirdre
HS 11064 Zeus Faber Below
HS 11065 Kevin Braheny and Tim Clark The Spell
HS 11066 Tim Story Abridged
HS 11067 Robert Rich A Troubled Resting Place
HS 11068 Michael Stearns Collected Ambient & Textural Works (1977–1987)
HS 11069 Michael Stearns Collected Thematic Works (1977–1987)
HS 11070 Bill Douglas Deep Peace
HS 11071 Michael Whalen Nightscenes
HS 11072 Steve Roach and Stephen Kent Halcyon Days
HS 11073 Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna A Celtic Tale: The Legend of Deirdre (Narrated)
HS 11074 Coyote Oldman In Beauty I Walk
HS 11075 Raphael Intimacy
HS 11076 Robert Rich and Alio Die Fissures
HS 11077 Robert Rich Numena + Geometry
HS 11078 TUU Mesh
HS 11079 Paul Sauvanet Nomad
HS 11080 John Doan Eire: Isle of the Saints
HS 11081 Oystein Sevag Bridge
HS 11082 Steve Roach On This Planet
HS 11083 Bill Douglas Songs of Earth & Sky
HS 11084 Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna A Celtic Romance
HS 11085 John Boswell Trust
HS 11086 Robert Rich Seven Veils
HS 11087 Nick Parkin & TUU Terma
HS 11088 Jeff Johnson Prayers of St. Brendan: The Journey Home
HS 11089 Blue Chip Orchestra Red Sky Beat
HS 11090 Joanie Madden Song of the Irish Whistle, Volume 2
HS 11091 Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman and Tim Wheater Afterglow
HS 11092 Bill Douglas Earth Prayer
HS 11093 Coyote Oldman House Made of Dawn
HS 11094 Steve Roach Light Fantastic
HS 11095 John Doan Wayfarer
HS 11096 John Boswell Love
HS 11098 Méav Ní Mhaolchatha Méav
HS 11099 Rasa Devotion
HS 11100 Various Artists Starflight 1
HS 11101 Various Artists Arabesque
HS 11102 Various Artists Cruisers 1.0
HS 11103 Various Artists The Absolute Sound
HS 11104 Various Artists Celtic Twilight
HS 11105 Various Artists MBNT: a Recollection of Proto-Ambient Music from the Hearts of Space
HS 11106 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 2
HS 11107 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 3: Lullabies
HS 11108 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic Planet
HS 11109 Various Artists Sacred Treasures: Choral Masterworks from Russia
HS 11110 Various Artists Fiona Ritchie Presents the Best of Thistle & Shamrock, Volume 1
HS 11111 Various Artists Prophecy: A Hearts of Space Native American Collection
HS 11112 Various Artists Sacred Treasures II: Choral Masterworks from the Sistine Chapel
HS 11113 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 5
HS 11114 Various Artists Sacred Treasures III: Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond
HS 11115 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 6
HS 11116 Various Artists Sacred Treasures IV: Choral Masterworks - Quiet Prayers
HS 11117 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 7: Sacred Spirit
HS 11118 Various Artists Sacred Treasures V: From a Russian Cathedral
HS 11119 Various Artists Celtic Woman 3
HS 11120 Various Artists Prophecy 2
HS 11121 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 6: Sanctuary
HS 11122 Various Artists Celtic Twilight 7: Gaelic Blessing
HS 11200 Various Artists Universe
HS 11201 Various Artists Universe 2
HS 11202 Various Artists Universe 3
HS 11203 Various Artists Universe 4
HS 11204 Various Artists New Romantics: A Hearts of Space Classic Collection
HS 11205 Various Artists Universe 5
HS 11206 Various Artists Slow Music for Fast Times
HS 11207 Various Artists Slow Music for Yoga
HS 11300 Gino D’Auri Flamenco Mystico
HS 11301 Kol Simcha Voice of Joy
HS 11302 Gino D’Auri Flamenco Passion & Soul
HS 11303 Kol Simcha Klezmer Soul
HS 11304 Various Artists World Voices Volume 1
HS 11305 Vox Divine Rites
HS 11306 Transcendental Steam (Hamam: The Turkish Bath) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
HS 11307 Various Artists Africa North
HS 11308 Agricantus Best of Agricantus
HS 11309 Omar Faruk Tekbilek One Truth
HS 11310 Shafqat Ali Khan Shafqat Ali Khan
HS 11311 Third Planet Third Planet
HS 11312 Lumin Hadra
HS 11401 Bill Douglas Eternity's Sunrise
HS 11402 Thomas Barquee Temple
HS 11403 Tim Story Shadowplay
HS 11404 Bruce Kaphan Slider
HS 11405 Bill Douglas A Place Called Morning
HS 11406 David Darling Cello Blue
HS 11407 Rasa Union
HS 11408 Bill Douglas Homeland
HS 11409 Rasa In Concert
HS 11410 John Boswell Reflections of John Boswell
HS 11411 Constance Demby Sanctum Sanctuorum
HS 11412 Constance Demby Spirit Trance
HS 11413 Bill Douglas Stepping Stones
HS 11415 Milargo Acustico The Rubaiyyt of Omar Khayyam
HS 11416 Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning Katurran Odyssey
HS 11418 Michael Hoppe Requiem
HS 11419 Coyote Oldman Under an Ancient Sky
HS 11420 Raphael Music for Love
HS 11421 Ralph Zurmühle eQuinox
HS 11422 Fionnuala Sherry Songs from Before
HS 11423 Secret Garden Winter Poem
HS 11424 Lisbeth Scott Om Sweet Om
HS 11425 Secret Garden Just the Two of Us
HS 11426 Peter Kater & Tina Guo Inner Passion
HS 11427 Lisbeth Scott Eternal Om
HS 11428 Secret Garden Live at Kilden: 20th Anniversary Concert
HS 11429 Secret Garden Live at Kilden: 20th Anniversary Concert (DVD)
HS 11430 Constance Demby Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate (30 Year Anniversary Edition)
HS 11431 Kevin Braheny Lullaby for the Hearts of Space (2017 remaster)
HS 11500 Various Artists Best of Hearts of Space: No. 1—First Flight
HS 11501 Various Artists Best of Hearts of Space: No. 2—Ancient Evenings
HS 11502 Various Artists Best of Hearts of Space: No. 3—Innocence
RGB 501 D'Cückoo Umoja
RGB 502 Candace Pacheco The Vortex: Quantum Gate II
RGB 503 Candace Pacheco If, Then...Else
RGB 504 Paul Haslinger World without Rules
RGB 505 Mox Mox
RGB 506 Paul Haslinger Score


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