Hearts on Fire (HammerFall song)

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"Hearts on Fire"
Single by HammerFall
from the album Crimson Thunder
Released Single: 30 September, 2002
DVD: 4 November, 2002
Recorded May–July 2002 Wisseloord Studios, Netherlands; Twilight Studios, Germany; Mi Sueño, Tenerife
April 2000, JM Studios, Sweden
4 August, 2001, Wacken Open Air, Germany
Genre Power metal, Heavy metal
Length Single 12:11
DVD 26:32
Label Nuclear Blast
Songwriter(s) Joacim Cans, Oscar Dronjak
Producer(s) HammerFall, Charlie Bauerfeind, Martin Kronlund
HammerFall singles chronology
"Always Will Be"
"Hearts on Fire"
"Blood Bound"
"Always Will Be"
"Hearts on Fire"
"Blood Bound"

"Hearts on Fire" is a song by Swedish heavy metal band HammerFall released as their single on September 30, 2002.[1] It was the only single released from their fourth studio album, Crimson Thunder. The title and lyric Hearts on Fire is a nod to the poem Der heimliche Aufmarsch by Erich Weinert. It ranked 11th in the Swedish charts and 58th in Germany.[2]

The cover artwork was created by Samwise Didier.

A promotional DVD, also titled Hearts on Fire, was released by Nuclear Blast on November 4, 2002. It ranked 9th in the Swedish charts.[3]

Track list[edit]


From Metal Archives.[1]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hearts On Fire" Dronjak, Cans 3:53
2. "We're Gonna Make It" (Twisted Sister cover) Dee Snider 3:36
3. "Heeding the Call" (live) Dronjak, Cans, Strömblad 4:42
4. "Heeding the Call" (live video CD-ROM)    


From the song's web page.[3]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hearts On Fire" (video clip) Dronjak, Cans 3:53
2. "The Making Of Hearts On Fire" Dronjak, Cans 3:35
3. "Heeding the Call" (live) Dronjak, Cans, Strömblad 4:53
4. "A Legend Reborn" (video clip) Dronjak, Cans 5:07
5. "Always Will Be" (video clip) Dronjak 4:44
6. "Renegade" (video clip) Dronjak, Cans, Strömblad 4:20
Total length: 26:32
  • Bonus materials DVD: photo gallery


Guest Performers[edit]

Release information[edit]

  • An orange 12" vinyl, 12", maxi-single, limited edition was released with three tracks on the LP. On side A; "Hearts on Fire" and on side B; "We're Gonna Make It (Twisted Sister cover) and "Heeding The Call (live)".[4]
  • The Japanese release is an enhanced version of the single and came out on 21 September 2002. It has all the tracks from the original release with three additional tracks: "Rising Force" (originally performed by Yngwie Malmsteen), "Templars Of Steel (live)" and "Let The Hammer Fall (live)".[5]


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