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OriginNew York City, New York, United States
GenresHip pop
Years active2001–2006
LabelsEspionage Records, Rhythm Zone, Avex Trax
WebsiteHeartsdales' official website at the Wayback Machine (archived February 19, 2009)

Heartsdales was a Japanese-American hip pop duo composed of sisters Yumi Sugiyama (杉山ユミ, Sugiyama Yumi) and Emi Sugiyama (杉山エミ, Sugiyama Emi), known by their stage names Rum and Jewels, respectively.

Yumi was born on December 17, 1981, and Emi on December 4, 1976, in Tokyo, Japan. Their family moved to the Yonkers area of New York right after Yumi was born, due to their father's job as an interior designer. In 1995, the family moved back to Japan, and Yumi attended Tama Art University and Emi attended Keio University.

In summer 2001, Yumi and Emi appeared on the TV audition program Asayan after sending in a demo.[1] They won the competition, and landed a contract with Avex Entertainment. They adopted the name "Heartsdales" as a reference to the hamlet of Hartsdale, New York.[1]

They released their first album, Radioactive, in 2002 under Avex Record's sublabel Cutting Edge. Their first single, "So Tell Me," was ranked 6th on the Oricon music rankings. Since then, they released 6 albums and 14 singles. Artimage is Heartsdales' management office, who also manages other Japanese hip-hop artists such as M-Flo and Double.

On June 22, 2006, Heartsdales announced on their official website that they were going to split up to pursue new endeavors.[2]

Later career[edit]

Yumi lives in New York City and has started a design studio, "Studio Yumi,"[3] and attended the Parsons The New School for Design completing the program in 2009.[4]

Emi lives in Tokyo.

Yumi announced on her blog that she gave birth to her son weighing 7.7 pounds (3.5 kg) on June 25, 2010.[5]



# Information Release Date
1st Radioactive March 20, 2002
2nd Sugar Shine September 25, 2003
3rd Super Star March 2, 2005
4th Ultra Foxy February 22, 2006
5th THE LEGEND June 12, 2006
6th THE LEGEND Final Live December 20, 2006

Remix albums[edit]

# Album Release Date
1st Heart Attack! The Remixes & Video Clips February 25, 2004
2nd Heart Attack 2 The Remixes & Video Clips June 29, 2005
3rd Heart Attack 3 The Remixes & Video Clips May 24, 2006


# Single Release Date
1st "So Tell Me" December 19, 2001
2nd "That's Why" March 6, 2002
3rd "Body Rock" August 28, 2002
4th "Should Have What!? feat. DOUBLE" December 26, 2002
5th "Thru With You" April 16, 2003
6th "CANDY POP feat. SOUL'd OUT" September 3, 2003
7th "I See You" July 28, 2004
8th "LOVE & JOY" October 14, 2004
9th "fantasy" December 15, 2004
10th "Shining" February 2, 2005
11th "Hey DJ!" July 27, 2005
12th "Angel Eyes" October 12, 2005
13th "冬 gonna love ♥" January 25, 2006
14th "STAY / Foxy Lady" May 24, 2006

Collaborations / Compilations[edit]

  • Woman - Keizo Nakanishi featuring Heartsdales (CD Album Idenshi - 07.30.2003)
  • Helpless Game - Heartsdales Featuring Verbal and Mika Nakashima (CD Album Radioactive)
  • Helpless Rain (But I'm Falling Too Deep Version) - Mika Nakashima Feat. Verbal and Heartsdales (CD Single Helpless Rain)
  • Switch - Lisa featuring Kumi Koda & Heartsdales (CD Single Switch/I Only Want to Be with You)
  • Switch - Lisa featuring Kumi Koda & Heartsdales (CD Album Gratitude)
  • Wet N' Wild - Heartsdales featuring SUITE CHIC (CD Album Sugar Shine)
  • Starstruck: "The Return of the LuvBytes" - M-Flo loves AI & Hinouchi Emi & Rum (Heartsdales) (CD Album Astromantic - 05.26.2004)
  • It's a Small World - Kumi Koda & Heartsdales (Soundtrack 80 Days - 11.03.2004)
  • It's a Small World - Kumi Koda & Heartsdales (CD Album secret (first press) - 02.09.2005)
  • Oh Boy - Jhett featuring Heartsdales (CD Album Jhett a.k.a. Yakko for Aquarius - 03.24.2005)
  • Push It (Compilation We Love Dance Classics Vol. 1 - 03.24.2005)
  • Speedster - Three Nation feat. Heartsdales (CD Album Dance Floor Lovers - 3.15.2006)
  • Player - Origa featuring Heartsdales (Soundtrack Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society OP Song 11.22.2006)


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