Heat Miser

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This article is about the television character. For the alternative rock band, see Heatmiser.
Heat Miser
Heat Miser
First appearance "The Year Without a Santa Claus" (1974)
Last appearance "A Miser Brothers' Christmas" (2008)
Created by Rankin Bass
Portrayed by George S. Irving (1974/2008)
Harvey Fierstein (2006)

Heat Miser is a character from the Rankin/Bass 1974 children's television special The Year Without a Santa Claus. He is an ogre or demon-like being who controls all warm weather all over the world. His nemesis is his half-brother Snow Miser. Mother Nature herself is their mother. As he sings in his memorable ragtime song, the "Heat Miser" song ("Whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch"), he can melt objects with a touch. Even flammable objects, such as a shovel's wooden handle, melt in his hand, rather than combust. His heat abilities include bolts, beams, balls of lava and spitting fire. He can also project intense heat from his hands or mouth to form objects of flame that can endure independently for a few seconds. While grumpy, hot-tempered and bitter—over his beliefs that Santa Claus is unfair to him in giving Snow Miser free publicity while he gets none, and that Mother Nature likes Snow Miser better—he is not an evil being.

He lives in a volcano with tiny clones of himself called the Mini Misers. Heat Miser was voiced by character actor George S. Irving in the original special. In the 2006 NBC live-action remake, he is played by actor Harvey Fierstein. In this depiction, he wears a Hawaiian shirt, and the Mini Misers are replaced by women in gloves and fringe bikinis. They also operate his oversized slingshot to launch fireballs in his feud with Snow Miser.

A 2008 Warner Bros./Cuppa Coffee Animation sequel to the stop-motion film that premiered on ABC Family, A Miser Brothers' Christmas had Heat Miser and Snow Miser set aside their differences to save Christmas when Santa is once again unable to make his run while fighting off their brother, North Wind. Heat Miser wears a suit with a flame pattern. George S. Irving reprises his role.