Heat Wave Drum and Bugle Corps

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Heat Wave of Florida
Drum and Bugle Corps
Heat Wave of Florida logo.png
Location Inverness, Florida
Division Open Class
Founded 2014
Director Jonathan Otero
Uniform (2015) Light blue Guayabera shirt with black pants and black shoes
(2016) Black long-sleeved shirt
Red vest with double-breasted square faux buttons
Black pants, shoes, and socks
Black cape hanging from the bottom left side of the vest
Black aussie hat with red band, silver star, and single black feather plume
Website www.heatwavedrumcorps.com
Heat Wave's old logo

Heat Wave Drum & Bugle Corps is an Open Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps based in Inverness, Florida. The corps is a member of Drum Corps International (DCI).[1].


In June 2014, it was announced that a new drum and bugle corps was starting in west central Florida, based in Inverness. The hope was to be somewhat "old school," building both a cadet corps and a junior corps to march in DCI competition. It was also admitted that they were just getting started and had much work to do.[2]

In January 2015, DCI announced that Heat Wave was one of five corps being evaluated for possible inclusion in DCI Open Class competition for 2015.[3] On May 5, 2015, following a period of evaluation of the unit's finances, staffing, and tour plans by DCI's staff, Heat Wave, River City Rhythm, and Southwind were added to the list of competing Open Class corps.[4] The corps was added to DCI's summer schedule for two shows in Alabama and Georgia.[5]

In 2016, Heat Wave performed in seven DCI competitions in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida.[6]

In 2017, the corps plans to perform at five DCI competitions.[7] For the first time since they began competing in 2015, they will not perform at the DCI Southeastern Championship. Although the corps did not attend Open Class Championships, they ended their season on July 19th in 18th place in overall Open Class.


Heat Wave of Florida is a 501 (c)(3) musical organization that has a Board of Directors, Executive Director, and staff assigned to carry out the organization's mission. Jonathan Otero is President of the Board of Directors and the Corps Director.[8]

Show Summary (2015–2018)[edit]


Gold background indicates DCI Championship; pale blue background indicates DCI Class Finalist; pale green background indicates DCI semifinalist.

Year Theme Repertoire Score DCI Placement
2015 Cuban Fire! Fuego Cubano, El Congo Valiente & La Suerte de los Tontos
All from Cuban Fire! by Johnny Richards
Did not attend
2016 Sahara Main Theme from Lawrence of Arabia by Maurice Jarre / Heat of the Day by Pat Metheny /
Paradise by Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, and Chris Martin (Coldplay) / Desert Rose by Sting
Did not attend
2017 Project Apollo Olympiada by Samuel Hazo / Enterprising Young Men by Michael Giacchino /
12 Seconds to the Moon by Robert W. Smith / Fly Me to the Moon by Bart Howard / Ride by Samuel Hazo
Did not attend
2018 The World
Keeps Spinning
New World Symphony by Antonín Dvořák / The Times They Are a-Changin' by Bob Dylan /
What a Wonderful World by Bob Thiele (as George Douglas) and George David Weiss /
Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland / There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow by the Sherman Brothers
15th Open Class
40th World Class


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