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Heath Mello
Member of the Nebraska Legislature
from the 5th district
In office
Preceded by Don Preister
Succeeded by Mike McDonnell
Personal details
Born (1979-08-02) August 2, 1979 (age 37)
Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Residence Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Heath Mello (born August 2, 1979) is an American politician and a member of the unicameral Nebraska Legislature.[1] He was born in Nebraska, graduated from Gretna High School and resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Mello is presently vying to become the 52nd Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, taking on incumbent Jean Stothert.


Mello received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2002.[2] He currently works as a Community Affairs and Development Specialist at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE.[3] He is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.[4]

Prior to his election to the Nebraska Legislature, Mello worked as a senior aide to U.S. Senator Ben Nelson and as an Assistant Coordinator to the Nebraska Community Improvement Program.[5]

Mello, a Roman Catholic, is a member of St. Thomas More Parish in Omaha, NE and a member of the Knights of Columbus. Mello and his wife, Catherine, were married on May 22, 2010.[6]

State legislature[edit]

Mello is a Nebraska state senator who was elected to represent the 5th Legislative District in the Nebraska Legislature on November 4, 2008. Legislative District 5 consists of the South Omaha and North Bellevue portions of the Omaha Metropolitan area. Mello is currently serving his second term in office, and was re-elected November 6, 2012.

Legislative committees and organizations[edit]

He was elected to the Legislature in 2008 and currently serves on the Appropriations[7] and Nebraska Retirement Systems Committees[8] in the Nebraska Legislature, as well as the Legislature’s State Planning Committee,[9] Homeland Security Policy Group and the Healthcare Reform Task Force.

Mello is an active member in national state legislative organizations; serving on the Economic Development[10] and Energy[11] Committees within the Midwestern Legislative Conference of the Council of State Governments, as well as, the Budgets & Revenue[12] and Labor & Economic Development Committees[13] within the National Conference of State Legislators. Mello is also a member of CLEAN (Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now),[14] the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators[15] and the Specialty Equipment Market Association State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.[16]

Community organizations[edit]

As of March 10, 2010 Mello served on the Board of Directors for One World Health Center,[17] Bellevue Community Police Foundation,[18] South Omaha Business Association,[19] the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance[20] and the Q Street Merchants Association. He also served as a member of South Omaha Optimists, South Omaha Development Project, South Omaha Environmental Task Force, South Omaha Weed & Seed, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce, and Omaha Chamber of Commerce.[21]

Bills introduced/passed[edit]

101st Legislature, 1st Session

  • LB 277 – Prohibit the purchase of spray paint and industrial- strength marking pens by minors
  • LB 278 – Passed in 2009, this bill permits municipalities to allow pedestrians to solicit in roadways.
  • LB 281 – Change education service unit board membership provisions
  • LB 282 – Adopt the Nebraska Advantage Film Production Incentive Act
  • LB 368 – Change point system violation regarding reckless driving and willful reckless driving
  • LB 608 – Appropriate funds to the Supreme Court for a salary increase for county court employees
  • LB 609 – Provide for child-care contracts as prescribed and provide duties for the Department of Health and Human Services
  • LB 610 – Change Medicaid limitation provisions relating to services for persons with disabilities
  • LB 632 – Adopt the Nebraska Green Building Advantage Act and authorize a sales tax refund
  • LB 633 – Create the Neighborhood Development Act
  • LB 634 – Redefine household income for homestead exemption purposes
  • LB 635 – Change reporting requirements for political party committees under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
  • LB 636 – Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
  • LB 637 – Require disclosure of information by certain group health carriers
  • LB 644 – Adopt the Electronics Recycling Acts
  • LB 645 – Change provisions relating to public contracts for services

101st Legislature, 2nd Session

  • LB 763 –Adopt the Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Act.
  • LB 977 – Require new state buildings and renovations to comply with energy efficiency standards.
  • LB 978 – Provide requirements relating to energy star certified appliances in the state’s competitive bidding process.
  • LB 997 – Require cities’ comprehensive plans to include an energy element
  • LB 1073 – Adopt the Building Nebraska's Creative Economy Act and provide income tax credits
  • LB 1074 – Provide for job training grants to film production companies
  • LB 1098 – Authorize the creation of sustainable energy financing districts by municipalities, enabling municipalities to establish Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)programs.
  • LB 1099 – Authorize the establishment of an expanded, voluntary recycling program in cities of the metropolitan class
  • LB 1100 – Allow operation of low-speed vehicles on highways as prescribed

Source: Nebraska Legislature[22]

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