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Hanover Hauptbahnhof–Buchholz (Nordheide)
Route number: 123 Hannover–Buchholz
363.4 Hannover–Bennemühlen
109d (1941)
Line number: 1711, 1712
Line length: 133.1
Maximum incline: 10.5  %
Maximum speed: 80
to Göttingen and to Würzburg
to Altenbeken
to Brunswick and to Berlin
0,0 Hanover Hbf
2,6 Hanover-Nordstadtformerly Hanover-Hainholz
from Minden and from Bremen
4,8 Hanover-Herrenhausen
5,8 Hanover-Ledeburg
7,9 Hanover-Vinnhorst
9,9 Langenhagen Mitte
11,4 Langehagen Pferdemarkt
to Lüneburg
to Hanover Airport
14,6 Langenhagen-Kaltenweide
19,6 Bissendorf
22,6 Mellendorf
26,3 BennemühlenEnd of the electrified line
30,6 Lindwedel
34,6 Hope
from Celle
40,1 Schwarmstedt
to Rethem (Aller)
44,1 Hademstorf
46,8 Eickeloh
51,0 Hodenhagenformerly Riethagen
56,0 Düshorn
from Altenboitzen (formerly from Verden (Aller))
62,0 Walsrode
to Bomlitz (and formerly to Visselhövede)
from Bomlitz (Werksbahn Eibia)
65,5 Honerdingen
70,3 Bad Fallingbostel
76,8 Dorfmark
80,7 Jettebruch
83,1 Mittelstendorf
Soltau–Neuenkirchen railway
from Langwedel
88,0 Soltau (Han)
to Lüneburg and to Celle
to Uelzen
Uelzen–Langwedel railway
92,3 Soltau Nord
95,4 Wolterdingen (Han)
99,1 Gröps
101,6 Hemsen (b. Soltau)
105,4 Schneverdingen
111,5 Barrl
115,3 Wintermoor
121,7 Handelohformerly Handorf-Welle
125,1 Büsenbachtal
127,0 Holm-Seppensen
130,7 Suerhop
Bremerhaven–Buxtehude railway
from Bremervörde
from Rotenburg (Wümme)
133,1 Buchholz (Nordheide)
to Hamburg

The Heath Railway (German: Heidebahn) is a regional railway line in North Germany that crosses the Lüneburg Heath from which it derives its name. Most of the line is unelectrified and single-tracked. It links Buchholz in der Nordheide with Hanover, the capital city of Lower Saxony. Together with the east-west Uelzen–Langwedel railway, this north-south line is one of the two most important railways on the heath.

Current services[edit]

The Heath Railway is important for commuter traffic to Hanover and Hamburg as well as for day tourists.

On its southern section between Langenhagen and Bennemühlen the Heath Railway is electrified and forms Line S 4 on the Hanover S-Bahn network. The track has been doubled as far as Bissendorf.

The northern end between Buchholz in der Nordheide and Handeloh a Regionalbahn route, R 41, which is part of the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV) network. On the line between Handeloh and Soltau the HVV fare tariff is restricted to season tickets. The line is rated for a top speed of 80 km/h.

Because the Hamburg–Uelzen–Hanover and Hamburg–Rotenburg (Wümme)–Verden (Aller)–Hanover routes are much faster, the Heath Railway is of little importance for through services; the journey from Hamburg to Hanover via Soltau takes at least 2 hours, 51 minutes according to the winter timetable 2009/2010. No through connexions are offered; for example passengers have to change in Buchholz (Nordheide), Soltau and/or Bennemühlen. A through train on the Heath Railway from Soltau to Harburg should, however, be available when the timetable changes in December 2010.[1]

There are regular goods trains only on the southern part of the line to Walsrode.


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