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 Closeup of Rosemead, CA 9/11 Memorial  by Heath Satow
Closeup of Rosemead, CA 9/11 Memorial by Heath Satow

Heath Satow (born February 6, 1969) is an American artist who works primarily in fabricated metals. A particular work of note is his 9/11 Memorial sculpture in Rosemead, CA with "3,000... stainless-steel figures... welded together to create a pair of giant hands lifting a twisted steel beam from New York's World Trade Center."[1]

While attending the School of Design at North Carolina State University he apprenticed at Clearscapes, an architecture/sculpture firm in Raleigh, NC. Upon graduation in 1991 he was put in charge of the sculpture studio at that firm.[2]

In 1994, Satow left Clearscapes to start his own studio, currently located in Los Angeles, CA. He has since created permanent sculptures in locations around the world including the Denver Zoo,[3] Raleigh-Durham International Airport,[4] and Dubal Aluminium, Dubai, UAE.[5]

Satow's Ripple sculpture in Los Angeles was recognized as one of the "most compelling work[s]" of 2012 by Americans for the Arts Public Art Network.[6]


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