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The Heathcote Botanical Gardens 5 acres are subtropical botanical gardens located at 210 Savannah Road, Fort Pierce, Florida, United States.

The site began as the commercial nursery of landscape architect, Molly Crimmons, and her husband, Jim. The Gardens were established in 1985 when the site was purchased by local citizens with contributions from the City of Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, the State of Florida and Friends of Heathcote Botanical Gardens. They currently include a Japanese garden, Reflection Garden, Herb Garden, Rainforest Display, Native Plants Garden, and a Palm and Cycad Walk. [James J. Smith [Bonsai]] collections range from a 25-year-old bougainvillea to assorted Ficus species, which is the largest public collection of tropical Bonsai in the country. Its plants include: bamboo, a banyan tree, bromeliads, Clerodendrums, Clusia rosea, Coccoloba uvifera, Codiaeum sp., crotons, Encephalartos gratus, orchids, Pandanus utilis, Petrea volubilis, philodendrons, pineapple, Podocarpus gracilior, Tillandsias, and Zamia pumila.

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