Heather Woods Broderick

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Heather Woods Broderick
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Genres Folk music, Indie music, Ambient music


Western Vinyl

Heather Woods Broderick is an American musician and composer. She has released solo material under her own name, been a member of Efterklang, Horse Feathers and Loch Lomond, and been a member of the backing bands of Laura Gibson, Sharon Van Etten, and Lisa Hannigan.[1]


Broderick was born in the state of Maine.[2]

She plays piano, cello, guitar and flute.[3]

She is the sister of Peter Broderick, also a solo artist and Efterklang collaborator.

Broderick has also backed Portland based singer-songwriter, Alela Diane, amongst others.


Solo recordings[edit]

  • From The Ground (21 Sep 2009, Preservation, CD, LP, mp3)
  • Glider (10 July 2015, Western Vinyl, CD, LP, mp3)



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