Heather Hudson (Exiles)

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Heather Hudson
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Exiles #10
Created by Judd Winick
Mike McKone
In-story information
Alter ego Heather McDaniel Hudson
Team affiliations Exiles
Alpha Flight
Notable aliases Sasquatch
Abilities Formerly: Capable of assuming the form of the Great Beast Tanaraq
In form:
-Superhuman strength, stamina and resistance
-Regenerative factor

Heather Hudson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Marvel Comics for their series called Exiles.

Fictional character biography[edit]

A counterpart of sorts both to Vindicator and to Walter Langkowski, the Exiles member Heather Hudson was a Sasquatch from an alternate universe. This Sasquatch was a black Canadian woman, Heather Hudson. Like the original Sasquatch, Heather gained her powers by making a deal with the Tanaraq, while doing research with gamma radiation. However, Tanaraq made her forget her deal and she believed her powers were caused by radiation rays.[volume & issue needed]

Believing herself to be of use to her country with her superpowers and her scientific genius, Heather joined her reality's version of Alpha Flight. She was with the original program who sought out a feral Wolverine who was lost in the wilderness. Being the resident scientist, the task of rehabilitation was given to Heather, and after a few years Logan was not only rehabilitated, but the two had fallen in love and got married. They happily led the team, but when a Weapon X implant caused him to go insane Heather was forced to kill him.[volume & issue needed]

She mourned for months, but James Hudson comforted her and they eventually got married. Sasquatch was still with Alpha Flight when she became 'unhinged in time' and was sent to join the Exiles.[volume & issue needed]

Recently, her forgotten deal with Tanaraq came back to haunt her. Due to being in a magic-influenced universe on one of their missions, Tanaraq took over Heather's body and replaced her. The Exiles were able to separate the two and banish Tanaraq thanks to the help of another reality's Shaman, but Heather was left powerless. As a result, when the Exiles teleported to their next mission Heather was nowhere to be seen. The Exiles assumed that she was sent home.[volume & issue needed]

She was later found in the Stasis Gallery—a type of cryogenic chamber—of Panoptichron, where Beak freed her to help with Morph and Mimic's injuries. She was taken hostage by Deadpool when Blink, Morph, and Sabretooth were visiting a giant monster reality, but Mimic saved her.[volume & issue needed]

Even though she remains powerless, she decided to stay at the Panoptichron as a technical advisor and mission control to the Exiles team, giving the Exiles any information they need about a specific reality (sometimes through the Tallus and sometimes through the projection of the Timebroker). After accidentally unleashing the reality warping madman known as Proteus on all of the multiverse, Heather made a deal with Mojo for the services of Longshot to be a member of the team in the hopes that his good luck would counteract Proteus' abilities. With Proteus trapped in Morph's body, Heather recently freed all those in the Stasis Gallery and sent them home to their native realities for proper burials with notes explaining their departure. Heather was also recently able to take some much needed time to visit her husband in her native reality. However, the Timebreakers decided that the Exiles had outlived their use and exiled them to Heather's reality. However, after trying several other teams with little success they decided to bring them back on board.[volume & issue needed]

After thinking the Exiles died on Earth-1720, Heather became very depressed, drinking and trashing the Crystal Palace. After snapping out of it, Heather cleaned up the mess she made and went home. While there she became pregnant, essentially putting her out of commission. Months later Blink and Morph visit her to tell her they're alive, discovering her pregnancy. However, months after that, Heather is called on again by Morph when the New Exiles team becomes immersed within the Crystal Palace. Heather decides to re-form a new team of Exiles (one with its members snatched from the moment of death), and Blink is placed in charge.[volume & issue needed]


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