Heaven Variant

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Heaven Variant
Developer(s) Zanrai Interactive
Director(s) Jason Koohi
Designer(s) Simon Inch
John Etheridge
Programmer(s) Simon Inch
Artist(s) Jason Koohi
Composer(s) Jason Koohi[1]
Engine Unreal Engine[2]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows[3]
Release date(s) Canceled
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Heaven Variant was a horizontal scrolling shooter video game formerly being developed by Zanrai Interactive. The game received positive attention prior to its release for bearing similarities to the critically acclaimed scrolling shooter Einhander.[4][5][6] Confirming this in an interview with the Gaming Irresponsibly blog, Jason Koohi said that "the inspiration definitely comes from games like Einhander, the Thunder Force series, and the R-Type series."[7]

The game has since been canceled, and its soundtrack has been made available for free on the game's webpage.[8]


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