Heaven and Earth (Al Jarreau album)

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Heaven and Earth
Al Jarreau Heaven and Earth cover.jpg
Studio album by Al Jarreau
Released June 22, 1992
Recorded 1991-1992
Genre Jazz, R&B, soul, dance-pop
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Narada Michael Walden, Louis Biancaniello

Heaven and Earth (Warner Bros. Records) 1992 is the 13th studio album release by Al Jarreau, it was produced by Narada Michael Walden and Louis Biancaniello. The album won Al Jarreau the Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male in 1993. It's essentially an R&B collection of songs produced with the artists Jazz and Pop sensibilities in mind. It contains two reworkings of the Miles Davis tune "Blue in Green" from Davis' Kind of Blue both showing Al Jarreau considerable prowess as a vocal interpreter and scat singer.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "What You Do To Me" – 4:35 (Larry Batiste, Louis Biancaniello, Claytoven Richardson, Narada Michael Walden)
  2. "It's Not Hard To Love You" – 6:11 (Sally Jo Dakota, Skyler Jett, Kevin Walden, Narada Michael Walden)
  3. "Blue Angel" – 5:08 (Skyler Jett, Jennifer Miro, Narada Michael Walden)
  4. "Heaven and Earth" – 4:27 (Louis Biancaniello, Linda Biancaniello)
  5. "Superfine Love" – 5:24 (Louis Biancaniello, Jeffrey Cohen, Narada Michael Walden)
  6. "Whenever I Hear Your Name" – 5:28 (Jeffrey Cohen, Narada Michael Walden)
  7. "Love of My Life" – 4:01 (Al Jarreau, Skyler Jett, Jennifer Miro, Narada Michael Walden)
  8. "If I Break" – 5:47 (Al Jarreau, Mike Mani, Narada Michael Walden)
  9. "(Blue in Green) Tapestry; The Dedication" – 2:53 (Miles Davis, Al Jarreau)
  10. "(Blue in Green) Tapestry; The Dance" – 3:27 (Miles Davis, Al Jarreau)

Two singles were released from the album: "Blue Angel" (R&B #74) and "It's Not Hard To Love You" (R&B #36). The album was critically very well received upon release and more than held its own among the R&B releases of time by newer artists in the genre. Selected tracks received significant airplay on the U.K radio station Jazz FM.