Heaven and Hell (Systems in Blue album)

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Heaven and Hell: The Mixes
Remix album by Systems in Blue
Released 2009[1]
Recorded 2004-2008
Genre Pop
Length 1:18:36
Label Universal Records
Producer Thomas Widrat
Michael Scholz
Detlef Wiedeke
Systems in Blue chronology
Out of the Blue
Heaven and Hell: The Mixes
The Big Blue Megamix

Heaven & Hell: The Mixes is a remix album by the German group Systems in Blue, released in 2009, after Rolf Köhler's death in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Magic Mystery" (Extended Remix)–5:10
  2. "Heaven & Hell" (Remastered 2009 Version)–3:35
  3. "Point of No Return" (MS Project Full Intention Rmx)–3:31
  4. "Shadows of Love" (Kevin Taschler Aka Blackened Rmx)–5:18
  5. "1001 Nights" (DJ Moraz Rockhouse Mastercut)–5:17
  6. "Shangri-La" (Remastered 2009 Version)–3:17
  7. "1001 Nights" (C.C.F. Party Mix)–4:39
  8. "Point of No Return" (Kevin Madison Club Rmx Radio Version)–3:44
  9. "Gambler" (Remastered 2009 Version)–3:55
  10. "Point of No Return" (MS Project Classical Rmx)–3:35
  11. "Dr. No" (Extended Version)–6:02
  12. "1001 Nights" (DJ Moraz Long Ethno Rmx)–6:30
  13. "Winner" (Reflex Club Mix)–3:53
  14. "Winner" (DJ Moraz Long Version)–8:26
  15. "One Summernight In Moscow" (featuring Patty Ryan)–3:29
  16. "Give A Little Sweet Love" (featuring Mark Ashley)–3:52
  17. "Winner" (Reflex House Mix)–4:23


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