Heaving line knot

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Heaving line knot
Heaving line knot step4.jpg
Heaving line knot, light version
Names Heaving line knot, Franciscan monk's knot
Category Stopper
Related Stevedore knot, Double overhand knot
Releasing Non-jamming
Typical use To serve as a weight, making a rope easier to throw
ABoK 538 (variant)[1]

A heaving line knot is a family of knots which are used for adding weight to the end of a rope, to make the rope easier to throw. In nautical use, a heaving line knot is often tied to the end of a messenger line, which is then used for pulling a larger rope, such as a hawser. There are several distinct knots which all share the common name, heaving line knot.[1] The monkey fist is a well-known heaving line knot.


Make a bight in the tail end of the rope. Wrap the working end around the tail toward the bight end, with multiple turns. Complete the knot by passing the tail end through the bight loop.

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