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Heavy Cream
Compilation album by Cream
Released 9 October 1972
Recorded 1966–68
Length 83:08
Label Polydor
Producer Felix Pappalardi/Robert Stigwood
Cream chronology
Live Cream Volume II
(1972)Live Cream Volume II1972
Heavy Cream
Strange Brew
(1983)Strange Brew1983

Heavy Cream is a compilation album of material recorded by the British rock band Cream from 1966 to 1968.

Although available in other territories as well, the album was largely released to address the North American market, in order for Polydor Records to leverage Cream's back catalogue; prior to 1972, Polydor had licensed Cream's recordings to Atco/Atlantic Records for North American distribution. Now out of print, Heavy Cream was available as a double album during the years 1972–76, and was briefly reissued by Polydor's affiliated label RSO Records in 1983.

This double album was also issued simultaneously with 3 other double albums of solo material by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker all titled: "... At His Best"

With 22 tracks, Heavy Cream is one of the more comprehensive collections of Cream's work, containing over two-thirds of the band's studio recordings.

Writing for Newsday in 1972, Robert Christgau regarded the album as the best of the Cream compilations up to that point.[1]

The album reached #135 on the Billboard 200.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

1. "Strange Brew" (Eric Clapton, Gail Collins Pappalardi, Felix Pappalardi) – 2:45
2. "White Room" (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown) – 4:37
  • From Cream's third album Wheels of Fire (1968), produced by Felix Pappalardi.
  • Released as a single
3. "Badge" (Clapton, George Harrison) – 2:45
  • From Cream's fourth album Goodbye (1969), produced by Felix Pappalardi.
  • Released as a single
4. "Spoonful" (Willie Dixon) – 6:31
5. "Rollin' and Tumblin'" (Muddy Waters) – 4:41
  • From Fresh Cream.

Side two[edit]

1. "I Feel Free" (Bruce, Brown) – 2:54
  • From Fresh Cream.
  • Released as a single
2. "Born Under a Bad Sign" (Booker T. Jones, William Bell) – 3:08
3. "Passing the Time" (Ginger Baker, Mike Taylor) – 4:31
4. "As You Said" (Bruce, Brown) – 4:19
5. "Deserted Cities of the Heart" (Bruce, Brown) – 3:36
  • Tracks 2-5 from Wheels of Fire.

Side three[edit]

1. "Cat's Squirrel" (Dr. Isaiah Ross, arr. Clapton, Bruce, Baker) – 3:05
2. "Crossroads" (Robert Johnson, arr. Clapton) – 4:13
  • From Wheels of Fire.
  • Released as a single
3. "Sitting on Top of the World" (Walter Vinson, Lonnie Chatmon; arr. Chester Burnett) – 4:56
  • From Wheels of Fire.
4. "SWLABR" (Bruce, Brown) – 2:31
  • From Disraeli Gears.
  • B-side of "Sunshine of Your Love"
5. "What a Bringdown" (Baker) – 3:54
  • From Goodbye.
  • B-side of "Badge"
6. "Tales of Brave Ulysses" (Clapton, Martin Sharp) – 2:45
  • From Disraeli Gears.
  • B-side of "Strange Brew"

Side four[edit]

1. "Take It Back" (Bruce, Brown) – 3:04
  • From Disraeli Gears.
2. "Politician" (Bruce, Brown) – 4:11
  • From Wheels of Fire.
3. "I'm So Glad" (Skip James) – 3:55
  • From Fresh Cream.
4. "Sunshine of Your Love" (Bruce, Brown, Clapton) – 4:08
  • From Disraeli Gears.
  • Released as a single
5. "Those Were the Days" (Baker, Taylor) – 2:52
  • From Wheels of Fire.
6. "Doing That Scrapyard Thing" (Bruce, Brown) – 3:14
  • From Goodbye.



  • Jack Bruce - Bass guitar, keyboards, vocals; acoustic guitar on "As You Said"; harmonica on "Spoonful", "Rollin' & Tumblin'" & "Take It Back"
  • Eric Clapton - Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Ginger Baker - Drums, percussion, vocals

Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Felix Pappalardi - Viola on "White Room" and "Deserted Cities of the Heart"; organ pedals on "Passing the Time"; keyboards on "Badge"; bass guitar on "What a Bringdown"
  • George Harrison - Rhythm guitar on "Badge"


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