Heavy Hitters (comics)

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Heavy Hitters
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Avengers: The Initiative #17 (Sep, 2008)
Created by Christos Gage
Stefano Caselli
In-story information
Base(s) Nevada, United States
Member(s) Gravity

Heavy Hitters is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The group of heroes first appears as the official Nevada Fifty State Initiative team.

Publication history[edit]

The Heavy Hitters first appeared in Avengers: The Initiative #17 and were created by Christos Gage and Stefano Caselli.

Fictional team biography[edit]

After having dealt with a Skrull infiltrator on the Desert Stars Initiative team, 3-D Man and the Skrull Kill Krew travel to Nevada along with Desert Stars member Komodo.[1] There, they kill a Skrull that had infiltrated the Heavy Hitters team as an unnamed member. Hardball leaves with these heroes to deal with the Skrulls on the other teams.[2] Hardball later betrays and quits the team, and becomes a leader of HYDRA.[3]

After Norman Osborn assumes control of the Initiative, he places Prodigy in charge of the Heavy Hitters, and transfers Gravity to the Great Lakes Avengers.[4] The criminal Boomerang is added to the team, using the name "Outback". When Nonstop tries to quit and escapes, the other team members chase her and capture her. When a news crew arrives, Outback attempts to frame Nonstop as a thief. Prodigy reveals "Outback" as Boomerang and punches him out, declaring that the Heavy Hitters are seceding from the Fifty State Initiative. The team waits for Osborn's repraisal out in the open, intending for the fight to be caught on camera. Force of Nature attack the team, and are soon joined by the U-Foes, Freedom Force, members of the Shadow Initiative, and some members of the Hood's army. The Initiative members then ganged up on Prodigy while Telemetry and Nonstop capture footage of the combat and upload it to YouTube. With the help of the Avengers Resistance, Nonstop and Telemetry leave the country to go into hiding, taking Debrii with them.[5]

After Osborn is taken down during the events of Siege, Prodigy is released from prison and honored for his fight against Osborn.[6]

During the Fear Itself storyline, members of the Heavy Hitters appear at a meeting held by Prodigy regarding magical hammers that have crashed into the earth.[7]


  • Nonstop - A superheroine with super-speed and wind generation.
  • Telemetry - A superheroine who can produce psionic-based constructs.

Former Members[edit]

  • Hardball - A superhero who produces various energies from his hand.
  • Gravity - A superhero who can manipulate gravity.
  • Outback - The alias of Boomerang who uses gimmick boomerangs.
  • Prodigy - His costume produces superhuman strength, durability, and gliding abilities.


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